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+1 vote

Wasted too many deliveries  , played too slow no ... Bye bye Dhoni .

in Non-Bollywood by Location Scout (3.1k points)
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Either die a hero or live long to see yourself become the villain.

7 Answers

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Best answer

the most useless cricketer ever the only thing good about the loss is that dont have to see his face again

by Location Scout (4.9k points)
selected by

Hello, he's a world class player, his contribution with jadeja was extremely important, he came and hit the ball better than anyone in both the teams, if he change nationality we will consider him, Williamson's answer to if Dhoni costs the match
Ab yaa toh aapko wilimson se jyada pata hai ya blind hater

He played safe unlike young brats Pant, hardik he waited for neesham if not for that lucky run out he could have won us @Bothofyou


ye dhoni ke chamche pichle 4 saal se aise hi ghatiya excuse de rahe hai 48th over me bhi vo tuk tuk kar rha tha


No matter how much you argue but fact is that Dhoni will remain the most celebrated cricketer in the history of Indian cricket after Sachin and you simply can't do anything about it.
Dhoni was the reason behind 92/6 to 221 if not for Dhoni NZ would have tackled tails and 150 would have been a distant dream.


with such overrated and useless players india deserved not to play finals
nyway ab dhoni se chhutkaara to milega indian cricket ko

+2 votes

Still we made the semis unlike............

by Star (154k points)

eternal optimist
ohh now i read it


Intense: it was just NRR issue otherwise Pak would have won the World Cup

+1 vote

Nope, i might be critical of his slow approach but today wasn't that, he had no choice, they were 90/6 and at that stage Jadeja started hitting, had he got out, Jadeja couldn't have done much because of our tail.

He was waiting for Neesham's over and it was right thing to do, i mean yeah he could have played faster and you can say he kinda was responsible but still Neesham vs Dhoni even with 18-20 runs, he'll take it. it was the brilliance of Guptill that did it.

Dhoni's innings might cost matches many times but today wasn't that, it falls on top 3, when you lose 3 wickets in 5 runs, your always playing catch-up.

by Mega Star (218k points)

Bro 90/6 he took his time and played well till 45th over. When india required 52 for 30 balls but dhoni not trying a single shot. Rhat why Jadega in pressure and out.


Yeah that is a rain but I'm saying he was unwilling to take risk, even at that stage had he got out, Jadeja couldn't have done much cause NZ bowlers would've ran through the tail.


TB said it for Dhoni's strike rate wasn't that bad when so less to chase.....also Jadeja was having a good time so Dhoni didn't need to hit big

+1 vote

Bro 90/6 he took his time and played well till 45th over. When india required 52 for 30 balls but dhoni not trying a single shot. That why Jadega in pressure and out.

by Unit Manager (36.5k points)
0 votes

Nope we lost the game when India were 4 down for just 24 ..
& we did a comeback with Jadega & Dhoni's partnership but then again lost when they both got out ...

by Editor (88.8k points)
0 votes

What about record makers like Virat and Rohit ?? At least Dhoni had good partnership with Jadega due to which we came close to the total.

by Star (155k points)

haa 48th over tak try hi nhi kiya india ke liyre sab jadeja par chhod diya even kohli should be kicked out for including dhoni in the team


Dhoni ko 4th position pe send karna chahiye tha, Kohli is a useless captain.

0 votes

Fans will say he gave stand to jadeja.. If that is his role then even Dk can do that.....

by Second Unit Director (78.4k points)

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