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Its unbelievable how cricket illiterate our country is. We have so much passion but zero knowledge.

Till we win all in sight, everyone praises the captain sky high, when we lose, he is called all sorts of words.

So....would India play the moving ball better if Rohit is made white ball captain ?

P.S: Before calling Kohli a choker recall Sachin getting out for 1 in a wc final in 2003 and getting out cheaply in wc final 2011 too. I love Sachin and I love Kohli and Rohit too. Better to start giving some respect instead of talking needlessly without knowledge.
in Non-Bollywood by Star (154k points)
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3 Answers

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Can't say but at least Bhuvaneshwar will be out of the team.

by Second Unit Director (79.2k points)
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They already knows that today wicket falls fastly that's why india played 6 batsman and 2 all rounder Batsman. In whole worldcup india played just 7 batsman but in this game india played 8 batsman. If you fond interesting logic than each and every time when india played 8 batsman India's top order always collapes. Why? Clearly its a fixed matches.....

by Unit Manager (36.5k points)

Dude....I dont know what to say. Clearly you lack knowledge when you accuse it of being fixed..

0 votes

Nope but Rohit >> Kohki in captaincy, it's not about dissing Kohli, as a fan you can't be so oblivious to shortcomings, he is good in tests, but you need but more in limited overs cricket.

BTW Rohit isn't some genius or something like that just to be fair to Kohli, but he's better in man management and bit better thinker and obviously more open to ideas & changes, which Kohli is lacking.

Also Rohit backs his players, Kohli doesn't, maybe because Rohit himself played poorly in initial stsges but then he was backed and he finally came good so he understands that situation. So this middle order mess was created because niether Kohli not his pet Shastri were able to back any player for a long time, you have 4 years and you remove players after 4-5 innings, no wonder you've got problems in your lineups.

So take it as a criticism, not a hatred opinion.

by Mega Star (218k points)

Kohli will in tests. Agree t20 captaincy isnt his strongest suit neither odis. Let the dust settle. Shastri will go and a couple of tough decisions will be taken.


Oh, you are taking about T20 WC, then yes, Rohit should do it.


Meant that. And this time in support of Rohit captaining 2020 and 2021 t20 world cups. Kohli can free up and smack it around. Will be a nice combo


Hmm Agree Rohit Should Captain In LOI And Virat In Test!

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