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0 votes
If they qualify yeah... because first I think they can choke against Aussies
in Non-Bollywood by Assistant Director (57.7k points)
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4 Answers

+2 votes

by Mega Star (218k points)

But they did choke... And just managed to win marginally
"boundary counts"


A win is a win, the fact that they won a marginal game is more of a proof they they didn't choke and came out in top in incredible amount of pressure.


**** it stupid! they were lucky!


It is part of sport.

Misbah's shot could've gone over Sreesanth's head
Kapil Dev could've dropped the catch of King Viv
Klusner-Donal could've completed the run courtesy of an overthrow

It's part of the game, no need to go on calling others stupid just because your team didn't win.

But I'll tell you what's lucky,
1)The fact that NZ were even playing in Semi Finals was lucky
2) Kane Williamson nicked the ball vs South Africa but was given not out, that was lucky
3) Conditions aligned just as well for NZ bowlers strength was lucky in semi final & final

So don't talk about luck favouring England when NZ made it so far mostly based on luck.

+1 vote

A chocked England would still be more than enough for every team in the world ... Other than probably India ....

If jos butler clicks they're looking at 400 plus runs ...
Remind me the last time you saw a team scoring nearly 10 runs an over .. from 10th to 20th over ..... in odi
That probably has never ever happened....not even when sa vs aus 437 runs chasing game or england themselves scoring 486.... ... But they did it few days back against India they were ready to score 450 plus.... and after that they chocked and yet they did 340 something ... which is a huge total

Of jos butler plays to his potential ... He can alone take team from 350 runs to 450 runs .... Its not happening ... Recently ...only happened against pakistan which they almost won ...

I'd say England's.... winning dream ... Has buttler on the line ... Just one mahn ....

by Super-star (160k points)
0 votes

Just don't see India winning this Cup at all, sooner or later our inadequacies will be out for sure. This time it's a new world champion.

by Star (156k points)

It was sooner then later.

0 votes

Look. Lemme tell you Intense is influenced by England's batting. First of all let me tell you England's qualification scenario. I checked Birmingham weather, there's heavy rains on 11th July. Now let's move to reserve day. There's heavy rains on that day too. So basically 80% chances are that match will be called off. So directly Australia will go into Finals. Also do you ever in your widest dreams think that can Australia face a defeat to sloggers like England?

If England had to win this Cup they have to win the toss. But I still think that India has a solid shot at Winning the cup. But time will tell what's gonna happen. I would say chances are 50-50.

by Camera Operator (11k points)

Anyone who understands cricket won't call England team as "sloggers". If playing fast is slogging then every team is slogger team. Saying stupid stuff isn't going to make you sound or look cool.


Exactly. They've broken every batting record in the last 4 years not on the basis of slogging. In fact India need to take a look at their approach too now that 2019 wc is over.


"Also do you ever in your widest dreams think that can Australia face a defeat to sloggers like England?"

Umm yes..!!



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