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Bat on a shit heap of a pitch suited to opponent strengths and then see your opponents possibly chasing on a better wicket under what could be better conditions.

Well, there goes one, now let's see if England can beat both Australia & India to finally give the cricketing world a new champion or are we going to have a repeat champion in India or Australia?
in Non-Bollywood by Mega Star (217k points)
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5 Answers

+1 vote

how long nz will ride on luck still they won the toss and decided to bat

how long will nz delay the inevitable but then tomorrow with overcast condition and pitch with more difficult to bat who knows nz can deliever a blinder

by Location Scout (4.9k points)

Who knows, it's cricket.

+1 vote

It's advantage for us! New Zealand should not be spared at any cost!

by Camera Operator (10.9k points)
0 votes

Look there are two sides to this coin ...
1st - uk weather forecast is that ... They're gonna have prepare for flooding's gonna rain so much ... And tomorrow May be another day of rain .... At least forecast suggests so .... Which means ... Match will be abandoned and India will be declared winner and proceed to final ...

2nd - if rain stops new Zealand makes 250 ... That total will be like 350 ...
Because dhoni kohli and Pandya and kl Rahul have to make that score ... Because you can pretty much guarantee that boult will get Rohit Sharma within first few others ...if not the first one.
Sharma cannot move against swing ...and now that boult is king of swing hee gonna get him ... And in top of that .... The pitch will be super bowling friendly ....

If match reduces to 46 or 30 20 overs'll be advantage India ... Because ... First boult overs will he reduced second ... And overall less overs to face in bowling conditions is a huge plus for a batting heavy side ...

Kohli and dhoni will be the key ....
Sharma is non existent tomorrow ... Pandya and KL Rahul can add 60 runs collectively ... Kohli will have to make 80 90 runs or a 100 .... And dhoni will be the one stopping wickets from falling from both ends ....and take the game as deep as possible ...
He will be like 100 ball 50 runs guy.

If match is continued ... With India facing 46 or above overs .... New Zealand will be looking at ... At least being the runner up of this world cup .

by Star (160k points)

And sharma is gone after facing 4 balls .....said it ... He's non existent in these conditions


We will be routed now. Boult getting shape into the right handers. Walking wickets whatever is left. Congrats England. The cup is yours.


Walking wickets .... Haha ...yeah ....
.. It will interesting to see if dhoni can save this match ..... Now.
all questions and fingers will be pointed towards him


He can only inflate or try to inflate his selfish average by staying not out and a scorecard reading ms dhoni : 30*(80).

0 votes

England will change the equation and become world champions this time. Dont worry.

by Star (152k points)

I hope so, last time we got a new World Champ was 23 years ago, India anyway will be favourites for 2023 WC in India. Hopefully we finally get new World Champions in England on 14th July.


Even if India win and go to the Final I dont see them winning the Cuo. Kohli and Finch have marshalled their troops well till here but I see England going through this time for sure.


They say if you stay too positive for something to happen it will happen.


I believe all Indian fans are too overconfident. I agree we have an excellent bowling line up, batting is the weak link. The top order aside our middle order isnt good enough.

0 votes

If they will leave grass on the pitch... It will actually gonna help batsman in this weather and condition

by Assistant Director (57.6k points)