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Ok, they're unpredictable, they have their issues all the time, but cant deny a fired up Pak is always a threat. One bad game against WI cost them imo. The washed out game against Lanka was again bad luck. India was much much superior to them, so cant blame them there either. Bangladesh have had their best campaign, they've threatened and performed up to a really good standard.

Seeing how New Zealand have gone about losing to Aus and Eng, I feel their campaign might just have fizzled out before the all important semis. They're a very likeable team but a little soft. They need a bit of mongrel, a little fight in them.

How many of you feel Pakistan or even Bangladesh deserved a slot in the top 4 in place of New Zealand?

P.S: Avoid bringing any political or nation bashing in here please. This is purely a cricketing post nothing else.
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Karan Khan.....what was the issue that you needed to hide this post ?


hahaha conflict of interest

4 Answers

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The New zealand of beginning is missing in last games against Pak, Eng & Aus.
From a possible finalist to a definite evict from semi finals ...
Yes Pak is unlucky bcoz of their loss agaisnt WI that match hurted their NRR very badly ..
Ban & SL are too behind from the semi finalists so can't say anything ...

by Editor (87.2k points)
0 votes

If not for rain,SL/Pak or BD would have been in the semis

by Second Unit Director (74.8k points)

True. And seeing how NZ are fizzling out, I would have preferred either of these two in the semis.

0 votes

leaving everything aside..... pakistan lost due to technicality.... west indies australia match they should have won i grant you ..... but losing a point to easy opponent sri lanka due to icc's failure.... allowed for new zealanders to proceed...even though teams new zealand won against..rank in odis at 7 8 9 10...while pakistan won from only above these ranks....

but i think its better.... for pakistanis fans.... they would have semis..... which would have been even more devastating....given fans would have put more hopes.....
can't really comment for bangladesh.....they have been playing for 20 years..and still are being considered..... inexperienced.....

by Star (157k points)

Pak have been unlucky. On that pitch at TB, had WI batted first 100 runs would have been tough for them too.

Pak would be cursing the washed out game against Lanka, an easy 2 points.

I like the Kiwis but they are looking increasingly soft as the tournament has gone on. Gifted away wickets to Aus, gifted away run outs to England.


Match against Australia they lost due to sarfaraz .... Who kept putting tail enders on strike .... Now new Zealand 8s going to face Australia .... And Australia at the moment ... Has gained ... Huge confidence... The only weakness in Australian team is Usman khawaja ....
The only way ... Match can turn interesting .... If guptil clicks.... Warner didn't look confident but ... Right now .... Finch and Warner .... Are at the moon .... And Smith is the King .... And if that's not enough starc is a fifer....

New Zealand should've been below ... Pakistan. Not saying pakistan is great .... But they played far superior than their skills..... Winning 4 under pressure games .... each game was a knockout for them .... They won'em all...... Best teams in the world ... Tremble doing that .... Including England...
Icc has failed as an organization....

0 votes

To be really honest I’m not one bit surprised with the four semi finalists.
As for your question, no they didn’t deserve. Pak have not been upto the mark. It’s all bits and pieces and they wouldn’t stand a chance against the other semi finalists. And about BD, the less said the better. They have been this “almost team” for years but they haven’t ever been able to win a major tournament or enter into KO stages of ICC events.

NZ is a far superior team than Pak and BD. They beat India hands down in the warm ups and if they meet india again, it will be 65-35 in favour of NZ.

by Unit Manager (35.6k points)

Nah, NZ is our best chance to make the finals. With Aus or Eng we wont make the finals.

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