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i opened up ur profile pic thinking why Suhas bhai has used Arbaaz Khan's photo n lol....he is Salman......never actually realized that they both look alike even one bit.....but.....when reality hits u with a small dp


Interesting. I for one, didn't feel once like that when I saw that pic.

And except for the common nose, I don't see much common with the brothers & sister.

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Another Filmfare? Even though this guy knows a lot better than Ranbir HOW TO ACT but still, Jury doesn't know how to differentiate between good make up and good performance. Be it Hollywood or Bollywood.

For the look, his eyes look fiery. Hair work can be a little better near forehead in terms of looking real, i think. Otherwise it is a very good look. Ranveer on a Hattrick minus SLB.

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Baadshah both cant act. And this bloke Ranveer is so irritating when you hear him talk and his antics.......dont know how you find him talented.


Baadshah so true man. People really can't differentiate between acting and looks, I wasn't able to before either but some movies I see I again and can just feel them being not too good.


Intense: sensible in films, non-sense off-screen.......that's how you can define Ranveer....he is one gem of an actor who has very good range......best of the younger lot........Rani is irritating off-screen as hell, makes me cringe more than Ranveer can ever make me, still she is the best actress for many

Filman: yehi baat bhai........aik hwa bn jaati hai, jaisay classic example Ranbir Kapoor ki hai Sanju mein......kuch jgah bohat achi acting thi, kuch jgah overacting lagi.....but look ki wjah sy hwa bn jaati hai n then jury finds it hard not to select that performance

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Terrific! He's **** outside films but is insanely talented and terrific in movies! Loved the first look!

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Another 200cr+ for Him

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Man, how is this guy allowed to ruin every movie with his mediocre acting ?

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This guy ranveer Singh is going to be huge in future..

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Have a mixed feeling as of now from this movie..

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Superb. The look is similar to Kapil Dev. Hate off to the make up artists as well. This is going to be huge!!!!

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working as an extra in this film,ranveer is really doind lots of hard work puts in 4-5 hours of continuous cricketing practice to get everything 100% right

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