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it was a night match.....

we bowled first ....

opposition scored 235 in 25 overs ...

our batting came at around mid night.... almost 12 o clock

i opened , required rate almost 10.

the other guy got out ...and me and one down scored 155 in 11 overs.  big partnership

i scored 73 on 39 balls , 11 fours and 3 sixes (2 sixes out of the ground)

when i was at around 54 .... my guard was slid to my thigh..i didn't care.... medium pacer... ball hit me on side of my testicle .... (dont you f******* laugh... dont you dare) ..... i fell down with pain .... sweat all over.... my face was covered with grass i was aching, shrieking  .... after 10 mins ...i got up started playing again.... hit few more boundries , got out... but eventually we won an almost impossible target ....chasing such huge total.

that innings has stayed with me..... in my down life.... i remember that pick up my spirit.
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PS for those who wanna try this at home .... Pain lasted 1 and half months


Didn't know how to even hold a bat until I was 19!!! So obviously, I was not exactly a much reliable person to bat during my innings about 3 years after I started learning cricket. I had become a good bowler but not a batsman. So one time we were playing a whole 50 overs match in which we needed 326 runs to win. Our top order got out early, all rounders took us to 95 in around 25 overs but before they really kicked off playing faster they got out. The next two bowlers got out and I went in 8 down. I had practiced hitting big only and never ever even thought of playing totally with patience and strategy. Was kind of a hot headed guy as I couldn't handle anyone abusing me, sledging especially when I can't get back to them in the next innings. That day I played beautifully, not to gloat, but I seriously shocked myself and everyone else. In the next 12 overs we got to 180 and then the next 3 overs were each hit for 10 runs an over. Needing a much more possible target of 116 in 10 overs. Knocked it out of the park every chance I got, even got to hit sixes on the guys sledging me. In 48 overs we were at 318 runs. I was at 195!! The other guy literally had to do nothing but change strikes this whole time, he didn't know how to bat at all. He got the first delivery of the 49th over, tries to hit the cover drive, we were changing strike quite peacefully but seeing the fielder stop it perhaps got him too nervous so he actually RAN BACK!! I got out at 195, with our team needing 9 runs to win and 11 deliveries to go, in a RUN OUT. And guess what, the guy tried to come forward and hit a six in the next delivery and got stumped. We lost.

Not exactly the thrilling story everyone remembers, but that was the match after which I actually started focusing on other teammates, becoming a kind of leader and eventually a captain in our team. But the reason I remember this inning truthfully, is that I never even made a 150 again. Never brought a match from this far. I did make a fast 50, even fast centuries and even did 147 runs not out while giving a target but never got to experience the feeling I lost then. Now I have shifted, don't play there. Play quite less as a matter of fact.


Have been hit by a bouncer, batting without a helmet. Hit my jaw and almost knocked a tooth off. Have been hit on the knee too. But yeah....the pain of the testicles, the sensitive part.....that is the ultimate of them all.


damn....195 in hard ball..... respect

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Was just in 5th standard, 10 years old, summer vaccation, playing in my first under 12 tourney. Our team was chasing a target of 144 in 20 overs. The target of course wasn't big enough but proved so big when we were 5 down for 72 in 13 overs. Thats when I came to bat too. I started batting sensibly scored first 12 of 11, team needing 47 in last 3. But just then, in that very tensed situation somehow i went berserk and pulled 21 in one over. Other guy hit two sixes in next and we won the match 3 bowls yet to be bowled. Wasnt lucky enough to have my testicles crushed yeah.. In that match.. but yeah my righthand thum broke that day..

by Assistant Director (56.9k points)
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We always wait a has ge open ground where like 10-14 teams play every weekend and we were waiting for one team to put up a match..
In the end, we got one but consisted of more of young boys and only 4-5 of our age.. honestly we ourselves had the same number of layers at that age group.. we were already like taking them so lightly and played a complacent frst game and those giys just bowled out us for just 31.. it is a 7 overs game.. we were like shocked and wanted to put up a serious match next.

They set us a target of 67 and i opened the innings.. remained not on around 35-38 runs with 2 fours and two sixes with a six on the off giving me the pleasure of playing a perfect shot.. i also had picked up 2 wickets conceding just 8 runs in my teo overs.. eventually won the match with an ovwr to spare..

by Executive Producer (66.3k points)
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I recall a match I played a few years back, I scored just a run, pretty bad at batting I am, but a decent medium pacer. I bowled 4 overs and took 4 top order wickets for 20 odd runs. Stays a memorable memory till date.

by Star (150k points)
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I started playing tennis ball cricket tournament at age of 14 in my village. that time we used to play 30 over and in first match i scored 14 runs with 3 leg side boundries...I won 5 rs as a reward....our team won that match by 2 school tournamentwhen i was in 9th I scored 46, 35 and 58 my highest score in big tournament was 44 (16 over) when i was in 10th...after 12th I came to mumbai and stop playing cricket. when I was in UAE I played friendly match where I scored 58 runs...i was also good fast bowler...

by Art Director (2.9k points)