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+1 vote
So here it will be:

First semi final (9th July): Aus vs NZ

Second semi final (11th july): India vs England

The stage is set for an Aus vs Eng final on July 14th now.
in Non-Bollywood by Star (152k points)
74% Accept Rate

If it's England vs Australia .... England will eat Australia for breakfast

They have their ashes connect


If ind vs eng semi final happen i challenge all india in the match this time.......


Rohit ke catch har baar drop nahi honge. Is baar catch pakad lia jaayega and India will crash out in the SF

4 Answers

+1 vote

India will win the cup , come any opposition

by Second Unit Director (78.4k points)

Rohit off day coming against Srilanka. And in semi and final rohit hit 1 half century and 1 century. He is an unbelievable form.


Bas kar. Mumbai Indians ka match nahi hai. India ka match hai . No matter what rohit does rahega to kohli se neeche hi


Who says Rohit is better than kohli? So don't smart kohli is no. 1 ranking currently and rohit is no. 2 rank. So both deserve that places.


I know the kind of fan you are. You dont care India winning or losing. Bas rohit rohit karna hai kyunki MI ke fan ho. And repeatedly giving downvotes when I say India will lose on 11th wont change anything.

+1 vote

hope sa defeat aus so that india play nz in semi final but but not all is lost for pakistan

Pakistan can still qualify if :
Beat Bangladesh by 311 runs after scoring 350
Beat Bangladesh by 316 runs after scoring 400
Beat Bangladesh by 321 runs after scoring 450
If Bangladesh opt to bat first on Friday, Pakistan stand eliminated even before a ball is bowled.

by Location Scout (4.9k points)

I also want us to face NZ so that we make it to the WC final but sadly wont be.


naah bhai we will

+1 vote

Australians are weird .... They are the best at planning and executing .... India needs to plan and execute ....

1st thing .... in Every match Rohit sharma gives catch chance early in his innings... If they catch him out India has lost 50% match

2nd thing .... Kohli is not making a century ..which is not enough

3rd thing .... India must not bat first ...under any circumstances

Final india vs Australia
England is under pressure new Zealand is out of luck and are exposed

by Star (160k points)

Well, If you analyse closer England batters treated our spinners like net bowlers.Bhumrah they can safely negotiate. I can bet India will drop Shami and play Bhuvi.....who will be taken for breakfast, lunch and dinner by the English batters.

Kohli is somehow out of his standards. Rohit will have an off day sooner or late. Keep them aside and you know where India stands.


Get Warner out and Aus is zero


Australia has overcome situations from where they were 4-5 wickets down under 100 runs.


Warner will smash a quickfire 150 if he faces India in the semis

+1 vote

Well there are 2 versions of Rohit Sharma:
1. Brohit
2. Nohit

Brohit is the one we all want. Nohit is the one which opposition want. Nohit-Brohit line is 20+ Runs. If rohit gets to 20+ then sure shot it's his day again.

India will crush England in Semis. You see it first here.

It's India Vs Aus Final. Time for 2015 SF revenge!

by Camera Operator (10.9k points)

You will see the truth on July 11 itself.


Hey Suraj, saw the truth? Eng marching to the final.


Virat's century was due, he made it, just in the reverse order, he made 001 runs.



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