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in Non-Bollywood by Star (155k points)
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Dark,Chernobyl,Atlanta,Stranger things,Barry,Homecoming,Sharp object[mini series],True detective etc there are many more.if you are into anime then Devilman Crybaby,Violet Evergarden,Attack on Titan etc.P.S i am rec series which are ongoing so i have left out shows which finished its run.

by Unit Manager (34.3k points)

Have you seen shameless how is that and have you seen it's always Sunny in Philadelphia how is that....


chernobyl in a sentence is a nail biting drama about a true event.about true detective its a little slow paced but once its gets running its a twisty psychotic drama espcially se 1 and 3(se 2 not that good).ps.i also hate this is us its too melodramatic.............
barry is about a contract killer wanting to be an actor.its one of my fav show of this is so funny,heartwarming its amazing


sharp object.....very uncomforteble,dark sometimes hard to watch but i felt very intrigued and drawn to the series..............................atianta is a comedy,drama,surreal all in one.i love it..................not big fan of shameless.the series tries too hard to be funny and emotional and doesnt answer the questions the series itself asked.
about sunny 1st 3 to 4 se were amazing after that its just gone heywire.


oh another one is fargo its amazing.hey grand how you doing man?

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what type of series are you looking for?

my recent favourites are: Barry (HBO), Warrior (Cinemax), The Good Place.

if you're looking for comedy, and have already watched the classic ones like HIMYM, Friends, TBBT, The Office, etc. then you can watch Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, Community. Or if you want something different, check out Wilfred, Santa Clarita Diet, American Vandal.

in animation, check out Gravity Falls, which is a bit childish early on, but gets great when the mythology expands. Rick and Morty is also great but you've heard of that most probably.

my favourite genre is time-travel, the best of those that I've seen are: 11.22.63, 12 Monkeys, Dark.

some other fun series are: Justified (action+comedy), Banshee (it's like a B-grade movie done to it's best form), Fringe (mystery solving), Terriers (comedy-crime drama).

by Assistant Director (52.1k points)

I want something that will get my eyes glued to the screen which one of these the ones you mentioned come into this category??
Something which has interesting and relatable characters and once you finished watching an episode you would quickly wanna watch the next one...
Like ....The haunting of Hill house....


start watching Dark, it will definitely keep you glued to the screen. but watch it in its original language (German) with subs, instead of English dub.

it's the one show which will get you interested from the beginning, the others take some time to build.

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