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and compare this with SRK's mufasa

Not that im downplaying SRK (A huge KHAN fan) but he's a misfit here.


P. Ravishankar Masss....

To be fair on Srk, it is because of James Earl Jones'. If The Lion King wasn't a brand by itself & we weren't familiar with the voice overs then definitely we might have been okay with Srk's voice. But the bar is set too high.

Still, I wouldn't say Srk will dub badly or anything. It's just that the comparison will be too hard on him.


Well SRK doesn't like easy things too @Suhad, he's the Baazigar, the conqueror, he had always given his 100% in any project he had undertaken. Results might be up & down but can't question the man's commitment.

Also there is no comparison when it comes to Hindi speaking, Hindi understanding audience.

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Coming from someone who thinks TLK remake it's just a cashgrab and nothing else.

But then again, SRK has always been more valued by foreigners than people in his own country, so not surprising.

by Mega Star (217k points)
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It's not fanboyism (whatever they means), It's a glimmer of positivity after JHMS, Zero etc, let us enjoy it.

And what you're saying is opposite of me, you are saying he's a misfit, I'm saying, maybe, due to his voice. But what I'm saying is, also that he will show everyone that is not just the voice that counts, but what you do with the opportunity that does.

Voice is a shortfall, well he's going to overcome that by his performance. It's not fanboyism, I'll myself won't watch it in Hindi again if he messes up which i know he won't.


Also it's not SRK anyone should be worried about, it's the toddler I'm concerned about.


Tb what I had meant was SRK has a great voice, he can be a good choice for this sort of a role, but not the best. Seeing the Telugu version yes he's made a mess out of it.


I'm just going to leave fanboyism (whatever that means) behind and day this, let's wait for the release, he's going to prove why he was chosen for this, as i said, i myself will not watch it in Hindi again if he messes it up which i don't think he will.

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Wow. That's what was needed for this character. Who is the actor? I dont know. SRK'S voice pales in comparison to this guy.

by Star (152k points)

if I could redirect your attention to some answer on this post... the answer is about Indians not valuing their stars as compared to foreigners


The supremely talented P. Ravishankar,

For most part of his career till 2011, he made more name as a dubbing artist than an actor. He has dubbed for over 2600 south films - Tamil, Telugu & Kannada. He even turned director for a Kannada film titled Durgi which became super hit with Malashri in the lead. Later when it was remade to Telugu as Narasimhudu as a male lead film with NTR Jr, he was first insulted by being made as an assistant director to the remake of his own super hit film.

Then, his voice for Sonu Sood in Arundhati earned Sonu a lot of awards. A career in South. He was once again insulted during Varudu, an Allu Arjun film where he was called on the set. He thought finally his career as an actor is set with him playing villain in a big Allu Arjun film but he was asked to come to the sets to train Tamil Actor Arya on how to act, mannerisms so that he can be more presentable to Telugu audience.

Finally in 2011, he played the main villain in Kemepegowda, Kannada remake of Singam. Since then he is among the most successful actor in South India. Almost a replacement to Prakash Raj as he is most sought out actor to play villain, supporting actor & even comedic villain. The stuff Prakash Raj made a career out off.

To speak of his range as dubbing artist, this is just an example

He dubbed for multiple characters in a single movie. Those characters were part of the same scene too.
In Allu Arjun's Race Gurram (2014), Ravishankar dubbed for 3 actors - Ravi Kishan (main villain), Mukesh Rishi (villain's dad) & Shaam (who played Allu Arjun's cop brother).
In Mahesh Babu's Athadu (2005), Ravishankar had dubbed for 3 actors - Sonu Sood (Main Villain), Rahul Dev & Charan Raj.

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