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His batting talent is 1.5/5 .
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have you ever know cricket

By your logic younis khan is better batsman than sunil Gavaskar....Gavaskar's average. 51.12 younis khans 52.05, both have 34 centuries, Gavaskar scored 10122 in 218 inn, while Younis scored 10099 in 213 inn, Gavaskar dont have 300, while younis 1, Gavaskar scored 4 200, while younis 6, Gavaskar have no 250 while yonis 2 250 plus, and there is no comparison in one day game. now tell me who is better? so success dont count all the time...


what do u mean by 2 rs flop player...the name I mentioned above were not flop player...tell me anyone of them...when I said nobody remember allan border achievement (though he was most underrated) you are mocking...

Can please name those who are undeserving?


In Test Gavaskar>>>Younis As Gap Between Their Stats Isnt Much But Era Of Gavaskar Was Much More Tough For Batsmen
In ODI Younis Is Definitely Better

Success Always Counts

Allan Border Has A Very Successful Career Dont Blabber Nonsense That No One Remembers Him Thats Such A Stupid Statement

All The Names You Mentioned Along With Legendary Don Bradman Hardly Have Any Achievement In International Cricket And People Dont Even Know About Them

G Hadley, 3 Ws Played Limited Cricket So Cant Be Clubbed With Others Who Played Much More Cricket And Even Then Were Consistent To Achieve Good Level Of Success, Some Great Level Players Are There As Well!


lol now u r taking u turn when I made comparison between younis and Gavaskar...according to u success matter...then y not Younis...this is what I said statistic dont matters all the time.

In Test Gavaskar>>>Younis As Gap Between Their Stats Isnt Much But Era Of Gavaskar Was Much More Tough For Batsmen

simply u can not called Dhoni is better batsman than Azar simply based on statistic because both played different era...Azar played those era when 200 runs in odi used to be considered winning dec 1992 in south africa, India lost 6-1 only Azar scored 232 and wv raman 210 no other batsman has scored 200 in that 7 game series...just imagine how difficult was that era to play especially in overseas pitches...check below today's time two-three game is enough cover 200 runs;filter=advanced;home_or_away=2;opposition=3;orderby=runs;spanmax1=01 Jul 1993;spanmin1=1 dec 1992;spanval1=span;team=6;template=results;type=batting;view=series


G Hadley, 3 Ws Played Limited Cricket So Cant Be Clubbed With Others Who Played Much More Cricket And Even Then Were Consistent To Achieve Good Level Of Success, Some Great Level Players Are There As Well!

G. Hadley has played for weakest west indies side of all time, he was know as a Black Bradman...though he played just less test but scored 10 centuries and 5 half centuries in 22 test...with average of almost 61...

3W (Weeks, warrel, Walcott)

Everton weeks played 48 test with average of 59 with 15 100....record 5 back to back centuries in 5 test inning...and run out on 90 in 6th inning....

Frank warrel played 51 test averaging 50 with 9 hundred

Clive Walcott- played 44 test with average 56.7 with 15 hundred...record 5 hundred in single test series vs australia

is this not a enough sample to call them as a much so called great like sachin, lara, richards, ponting has scored in their first 20 or 40 odd test? and they have played 90% of their game only against big team of that time aus and England..

7 Answers

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Best answer

A guy with no skills and talent . Only with luck.outside subcontinent he is big zero.

by Casting Director (18.8k points)
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And also is unpleasant style of batting and anti pleasurable hitting


He has most blind fans in the world same as andhbhakt of modi. And some idiots comparing him with legend god of cricket sachin tendulkar.

+1 vote

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Is One Of The Greatest Batsman In The History Of One Day Cricket The World Has Ever Seen And Has Been One Of The Biggest Match Winners For India In This Format

Dont Blabber Nonsense Better Check The Facts/Stats/Records He Is Among Greatest Wicketkeeper Batsman And Captain The World Has Ever Seen Even When We Consider Combined All 3 Formats Of The Game.

A True Blue Legend!

by Assistant Director (45.9k points)
edited by

Rancho Dhoni is better than azar as a batsman? really.....have u ever watch azar's 121 runs against Engand in Lods, 179 in manchester in 1990, 115 in 110 ball in cape town at no.7 position. 192 in aucland
he has record fasted 100 in odi 60 ball, he is the only batsman in history who scored 3 back back 100 in debut, it became diffult for bowler like Imran, wasim to control his flick,
have you ever seen his fielding he was best fielder in the world of his time, "Azar' throw" was hugely popular in the world....Azar was not successful as a captain like dhoni, because he got poor team unlike Dhoni, still he has best record in home county in test as a captain. Dhoni also has poor record in overseas against big team despite India is strong team.


Azhar Was Very Good Batsman And Very Successful Batsman As Well, In Test He Is Definitely Better Than Dhoni But Not Even Close To Dhoni In ODI

And Plz No Ifs And Buts There Cant Be Any Comparison Btwn Them In Captaincy

Every Cricket Expert Ranks Dhoni Among All Time Great Batsmen Of ODI Cricket, Whenever List For All Time Great Batsmen Of ODI Will Be Made His Name Will Be Right There In Top 5 He Has Been One Of The Greatest Match Winners Of All Time

Suraj These Dhoni Haters Cant Debate On Basis Of Stats Facts And Records So Just Give Lame Excuses Like Dhoni Is Not Technically Sound And All That, To Hell With Technique Even With So Called Poor Technique He Has Been In Top 10 Batsmen Of ODI For 10 Consecutive Years Including No. 1 Spot, Won ICC Best ODI Batsman Twice And Been In ICC ODI Team Record 8 Times, Been Highest Run Scorer Of The Year Batting In Lower Middle Order, He Is Among Top 2 Batsmen When It Comes To Chasing Targets Along With Kohli, Has 10.5k Runs With 50 Average And 88 Strike Rate In ODI What Else Is Needed To Prove Him All Time Great Batsman Of ODI And Not To Forget That He Isnt A Pure Batsman But A Wicketkeeper Batsman And Even Among Wicketkeeper Batsman He Is Among Top 3 Across 3 Formats And As Captain Also He Is Among Top 3 Across Formats This Reality Can Never Be Changed



Summing it up dhoni was extremely mediocre in tests but a giant in odis. In tests adam Gilchrist enjoys an average of 48 with 17 test tons batting at 7 and has also hit 100 sixes in test cricket


Not Extremely But Yes You Can Say Mediocre But Only As Pure Batman, Among Wicketkeeper Batsmen He Was Good

In Test Gilchrist Is GOAT Wicketkeeper Batsman, In Limited Overs Its Dhoni!

+1 vote

I think you dont deserve an answer for it... You dont know cricket much... Plus you are plain stupid!

by Assistant Director (57.6k points) 1 flag

Phir comment karna tha na

+1 vote

Lmao bro. Look at stats, records. Don't be stupid. Dhoni is a gift to Team India! He has been remarkable throughout the years! One of the greatest match winners we ever had.

So just shut up if you don't know anything. Judging whole career due to 2-3 matches is utter stupidity.

His batting skills are one of the best. Everyone had their good day as well as bad. Rohit too was struggling with the bat that day. The pitch didn't suited to dhoni. That's it. But for god's sake please don't blabber utter shit. It would be alot better if you concentrate on Babar Azam or Sarfaraz Ahmed. Leave Dhoni.

by Camera Operator (10.9k points)

Last Line


Hahahahahahahaa. This line I like. Charlie will like it too.


What's not to like intense

0 votes

Nah. Now you're being harsh. He was in his prime from 2005 to 2015. Beyond that he lost his abilities. He was never good on the eyes but very effective both as captain and wk. He should have retired in 2018 itself.

by Star (152k points)

Maybe I need to increase my rating by .5 ..but when I see his ugly sloggings 1.5/5 is justified.

0 votes

If you think they Dhoni was a substandard or a below par batsman then you either have SRK's last movie with knowledge about cricket or just trolling or just have too much hatred.

Let me fuel your hatred for Dhoni even more. Imagine had Dhoni not given strike to Sachin in 2010 vs South Africa in Gwalior, lol, Sachin being stranded on 196-198, just inches away from becoming 2nd player to hit an international double century haha, what a moment it would've been.

by Mega Star (217k points)

Who is sachin ?


2nd Player?

Sachin Was The 1st Player To Hit Double Century In Limited Overs/White Ball Cricket

Then how do you like Sachin?,

There Is No Difference Between You And Charlie, Stupid!


Atleast me a Charlie read previous comments before replying.

My question was response to his comment about how he dislike undeserving players being called legends, it wasn't serious, but a counter to ask that.


Sachin was first BATSMAN to hit 200 in ODI, not first PLAYER.

0 votes

Hey charlie I always thought you are a guy with some wit and brain. But looks like you dropped your brain somewhere. You have zero knowledge about cricket. Sorry mate. Cricket is not your cup of Tea. Leave it.

by Second Unit Director (78.4k points)

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