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  • Most 100 in ODIS Since 2015 - 

Rohit - 21

Virat - 20

  • Most 100 in odis since 2016 -

Virat - 18

Rohit - 18

  • Most 100 in odis since 2017 -

Rohit - 16

Virat - 15

  • Most 100 in odis since 2018 - 

Rohit - 10

Virat - 9

  • Most 100 in odis since 2019 -

Rohit - 5

Virat - 3

  • Rohit Sharma in Worldcup -

Innings - 15

Centuries - 5

Average - 68

  • Virat Kohli in Worldcup - 

Innings - 24

Centuries - 2

Average - 47

  • Fastest 24 Centuries as a opener -

Rohit - 128 innings

Amla - 131 innings

Note - Virat takes 157 innings to reach 23 centuries.

* i am not saying Rohit is better than Virat. but Rohit is not much behind than Virat in odis and T20.

in Sports Related by Unit Manager (38.6k points)
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I am not saying Rohit is better than Virat. but Rohit is not much behind than Virat in odis and T20.


7 Answers

+3 votes

I know your objective is to put Virat down in every post of yours. Anyways both are class players for me. Both are what Gilchrist and Ponting were back in their prime or at home SRT and Dada were in white ball cricket. Enjoy what both what have to offer instead of acting like a IPL fanboy.

by Star (158k points)

And giving the downvote shows that the truth hurts.

+1 vote

Rohit Sharma although a great batsman but not a patch on the legendary VK.

His fitness, strokeplay is no where near Kohli. Look at yesterday's match.. he had to struggle and take many singles so once he reached his hundred he just couldn't hit the ball well. Virat got out unfortunately as the ball went straight in fielder's hand. Had Virat been there.. India would have easily won the match.

That's the difference. Don't ever compare VK with these modern players. He sits at the high table. A table where behemoths Sachin, Lara, Bradman, Ponting sit.

by Unit Manager (37.6k points)

Absolutely. What timing Kohli was getting yesterday and some of those shots were wow. Unfortunately Ajay is a VK hater and takes very chance to degrade him. Rohit is class but nothing close to the king.


yeah I'm an MI fanboy but the respect should be given where it is due

0 votes

Currently my favorite batsman along with Williamson, Root, Dcock...though I like both Rohit and virat...but i love to watch Rohit any day over Virat....statistic is not everything...

by Location Scout (4.2k points)
0 votes

Rohit is a world class player and the stats too reflect the same, but still Kohli is way more consistent and classy..

by Executive Producer (66.6k points)
0 votes

Rohit transform himself from one of the most inconsistent batsman to a world class batsman ,when on song he is the most pleasant to watch and destroy the bowling completely but Kohli is Kohli ,to be honest I am a fan of Rohit more than Kohli but Kohli is a legend already and will reach in the league of some all time greats ,though batting is easy then it was in past and that's why there are so many batters with averaging in that 50s so not fair to compare with greats of past but right now virat Kohli is the best batsman and Rohit is one of the best batsman in LOI, these two are the pillars of this indian batting lineup in idi's while the rest except dhawan and Dhoni are below par batters if we compare them with the likes of yuvi,sehvagh,Gautam,raina,etc.

by Assistant Director (44.2k points)

Dhoni Is All Time Great Batsman Of ODI!


One of the great wicketkeeper batsman of all time yes but all time great batsman nope.


I know his ODI stats and thatswhy I said he is one of the great wk batsman but as a batsman he is not in the league of the greats like sir VIV ,SRT, Kohli,ponting and sangakara, sir VIV is the greatest ODI batsman with SRT .

0 votes

Both are like Jai Veeru. Competing with one another.

by Second Unit Director (79.1k points)
0 votes

Rohit Sharma has made an unbreakable record of 264 runs in odi a single player .... That is like Afridi's 37 ball century ....
Cricket had to evolve to break that record .... Now cricket will have to evolve further for someone to break that record ...
4 centuries this world cup .... On his way to become most runs getter by a player in a world cup history for india ... Most Number of double hundreds ... Kohli is the king but rohit sharma is the real crowd favorite .
Although he is an easy wicket ...or worse than a tail ender .... In a swinging pitch or bowler .... while Kohli smith Williamson are not. So that's why ... He's not a complete Batsman....
He's like a tiger to non swinging bowlers and a tiny scared kitten in front of Trent boult and amir

by Super-star (161k points)

yep.... hard to admit but when the pitch is doing something.. he perishes

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