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+3 votes
Shocking lack of intent. Even dada on commentary was unable to explain or justify this. Now dhoni fans...cut this crap of him giving advice and tips. He isnt captaining the side and his best as batsman is over. Good luck winning the semi finals with this approach. My take.....take in Dinesh Karthik....the poor guy is suffering since a long time on the sidelines.

We closed our eyes to Sachin doing the same at the end of his career and now MSD doing the same. He's been a legend and a great servant but time to go.

A decade back MSD had said three legends need to quit odis since we are all servants and doing national duty yet he himself doesnt apply the same logic to himself.

P.S: Dont need comments on best captaincy, he advises spinners, blah blah. Cut the shit and open your eyes to reality. Wanna be a dhoni fan boy? Dont answer here.
in Non-Bollywood by Star (152k points)
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That's Why I Am Saying Cricket Not Showing Proper Skill And Performance Of Players.


Players need to show their skill on all kinds of pitches if you are not aware. BL chased down 320 odd against WI, SL shocked Eng, what was that? Skill, performance or luck? A pitch can get slower to bat on in the 2nd innings or the ball may move around under lights if you bat 2nd........and so on. That is what the game is. Stupid to say that cricket not showing proper skill of players.


Hahahaha one or two tukka happen each and every times. But if you gets same conditions than you get right result for players skills. If you want fair game otherwise .....


Ind vs Eng match -

If india bat first than india win tomorrow match. Its a fact.

If toss is a decider than why you play the game because toss decided the game most of the time. (Except one or two cases which is happen when a player get a good day or good luck)

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absolute ridiculous dhoni not even trying to win for india
kohli nd shastri are too bleak to throw this men out of the team

by Location Scout (4.9k points)
selected by

aisa hota to theek hai but unfortunately dhoni has been like this since 5 years


Dont know which retards make such memes. This is professional sport. Not some gully cricket where one team loses to keep another one out. Intent . That was the crucial word. Would have looked bigger to lose by 12-15 runs but what we saw was selfishness by a man beyond his prime. Bas not out rehna tha


But if in any case it's true than India don't deserve to win WC. Because it's bad sportsmanship at first and secondly even tactically, it's a wrong move.

Although i don't think it's true though, it was just that they couldn't hit, that's it.


India don't deserve to win. I have been saying it since the cup started, either of Eng or Aus deserve to win. And yeah................If Kohli wants to defend such crap...........good luck to him.

+3 votes

now imagine india losing semi final....getting out.... to a far superior team than pakistan.... and discussion going in media.....and indian people....and team ....and relatives of team.... and unemployed people and racist people...and fascist people....and anti religion people..and atheist people and religious people and agnostic people .... ....and retired players....and their relatives and their children on twitter and social media and their friends ..... that had it been easier team in semis we would've beaten them..... and england already out of our..way.... world cup would have been ours....

by Star (160k points)

India vs pak semi final is impossible now. Aus topping the point table so aus vs pak (if pak qualify).

+2 votes

Please Dhoni Take Retirement immediately...... yes we may loose if you see intant to hit 5-6 overs before but you will not try a single shot to play. What is this man.

by Unit Manager (35.2k points)

I know you dont mean it, so dont try.

+2 votes

I don't think that India lost because of Dhoni or Jaadhav alone, i think by the time Pandya was out, it was too much to do, infact even Pandya kinda got stuck after his blazing start.

But the main point as you said we the lack of intent they showed, it's like they had given up already and didn't tried to win instead played for NRR for NRR already being more than +1, strange.

by Mega Star (217k points)
+2 votes

Because of bhagwa colour india lost match - Mehbooba mufti
I guess bhagwa colour is curse for Pakistan more than anyone :-)
Coming back to your question india didn't even try to win.Their main target was close loss and crossing 300 mark for NRR.
.This was quite visible.
And yes Dhoni's time is over.I guess he will take retirement after Worldcuo.India is giving Farewell/thanksgiving to dhoni by allowing him in world Cup.

by Producer (110k points)
+1 vote

Irony is dhoni still scored 42 off 31 balls. Look at Jadhav’s intent. India wanted Pak to be out of WC I guess.

by Editor (88.2k points)

With just one match, you became completely against India? Didn't India played well against Aus, Pak, or any other team? India was playing alright against Eng till 40th Over. But Shami conceded way too many runs.

How can you judge a squad by the outcome of 1 match?!.


Suraj as time will show you later, this was the 1st time we got tested and we lost the plot. Beating AFG, PAK or WI is hardly an achievement. As for beating AUS, well.............take a screenshot............they will thrash us in the SF if we meet. It is not about how you start, its how you finish. AUS and ENG are peaking at the right time and I am confident to say India cannot win......and it hurts to say it.


Well now this is going to be interesting! India Vs Aus Semi final is done. If not, then deduct 2000 points of mine and if it's done then reward me with 1000 points? Agree

Pun intended.


Hahahahaha, nah wont be fair to deduct any points mate. Bas wait and watch. If India win this WC, I wont ever analyse or give any comment on cricket ever.

+1 vote

Dhoni lost the match singlehandedly, first by guiding Kohli not to take review and then one of the two most surprising batting performances ever after Saurav's 129 b 66 ag Bd in a WC match

by Second Unit Director (78.4k points)
+1 vote

See not defending Dhoni's intentions, he should have gone for big shots and give away his wicket like hardik rather than playing shamelessly till the end which caused all blame on him but he wasn't the only reason for India's failure.
They made one side short just to tackle kuldeep, chahal and taken them for remand from the very first bowl that costed us 160+ runs.
Shami bowled badly in death overs those wickets were just goodwill of God Bumraah's Cheap overs.
From the very beginning it didn't look like India is going for a win from Rahul 0(9) to 10 overs 28/1, there was seemingly no planning to target whom whatsoever
After 30 overs India was barely 150,Problem started only when kohli got out
Yes you can't expect Kohli/Rohit to win you every damn time,they sent pant who played at 100 SR and after he got out Hardik scored 16(17) , Kedar 12(13) so clearly it wasn't only Dhoni who lost hope..
You can't expect him to come at 40th over and score 104 in 10 overs, he isn't a hitter anymore, he needs time, he knew he can't. Pitch got slow
Either send him at 4 or keep him out of the team.
It was a team failure but Dhoni hanging around till the end overshadowed all.
I was like Dhoni please stop embarrassing yourself and your fans and get out.

by Assistant Director (44.1k points)

Agree. Pant should have come at 6 or 7. Dhoni should have come when Virat got out. Dhoni could have done for us.!!

0 votes

It might go downhill from here , india lacking good batters .

by Location Scout (3.1k points)
0 votes

Not a dhoni hater but I completely agree with you ... I was baffled and shocked.....

by Second Unit Director (78.4k points)

This stuff is acceptable in India, MSD would not have been allowed to continue like this in Aus.

0 votes

Oh come on! World's top 2 batsman made just 28 runs off the first 51 balls and you expect number 6 &7 batsman to score 100 off the last 10 overs?! Giving all the credits of loss to Dhoni is utter stupidity.

by Camera Operator (10.9k points)

@intense its happens only in India....if ur form is not good in past 15-20 matches still u will have place in team based on ur past glorification.....this thing is dont happens in Austrialia, England or any other country.... if u r not performing for last couple of matches make way for other talent....and India have lot talented players who r waiting waiting for big opportunity...


Don't you guys think NRR would have hampered if they would have lost more wickets or scored less runs? Who knows if they go on and lose to BAN and SL??

India were clearly trying to preserve Net run rate by reaching 300 and batting out 50 overs. Pakistan is a dangerous proposition if we get to meet in the semi-finals. Kohli just misread the pitch, picking 2 spinners. 20 overs, 160 runs, 1 wicket.


I know. India is an emotional nation, there is no regard for difference of opinion.


Kaun sa NRR??? We are already in with a healthy one and atleast one of the guys could have shown that intent for us. As for the wrong move, India went in with their strength of 2 spinners, the only change needed was Jadeja in place of KY. The former can contain ans hold up one end really well.

P.S: Pak would have been a walking bunny for us in the semis, but sadly we will face ENG/AUS in the SF now.

0 votes

He has been total liability in this wc with his batting ,keeping and even in DRS. But I know Virat doesn’t have guts to remove him from 11 as he is too idealistic as a captain

by Producer (103k points)
0 votes

the moment Pandya was out.. i stoped watching.. I knew Dhoni wasnt capable of pulling that off

and yeah... its time for him to hang his boots

by Unit Manager (35.9k points)

and yeah.. other than kohli no batsman in Indian line up could have chased that down.. Kohli is the best in the world... needs to get back in form... yeah not scoring centuries is what means for kohli when we say he's out of form

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