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Tanul Thakur Kabir Singh, on the other hand, is a Twitter troll (with an egg-shaped DP) masquerading as a feature film; it is the Baahubali of toxic masculinity.
Namrata Joshi

No film for a woman
Ananya Bhattacharya Shahid Kapoor plays Vijay Deverakonda in B-Grade Arjun Reddy, Misogyny is not cool. Neither is Kabir Singh.
Saibal Chatterjee Unfortunately, Kabir Singh is beyond redemption. Strictly for Shahid Kapoor fans.
Raja Sen

This Shahid Kapoor film is perhaps the most misogynistic Indian film in a long time -- the hero is a bully, an abuser of women, an insensitive lout, an alcoholic surgeon, and a foulmouthed hothead.

Uday Bhatia “Go to the depth of anything and you get zero," we’re warned early on. In this case, it’s absolutely true.
Anna MM Vetticad

Shahid Kapoor's intensity is mined for a horrific, harrowing ode to misogyny
Ronak Kotecha While Kabir Singh is a welcome change from stereotypical love stories, this kind of love affair needs some getting used to.
Bollywood Hungama On the whole, KABIR SINGH is a well-made love saga which has tremendous appeal for the youth. The deadly cocktail of adult theme, lovemaking scenes, hit music, taut script and bravura performances would surely bring audiences in hordes to the cinemas.
Sukanya Verma

Watching a sicko get away just rankles
ZEE News The film is Shahid Kapoor's canvas and he portrays the noir and naturally flawed character, Kabir Singh with unmatched sincerity.
Stutee Ghosh in spite of Shahid’s performance, the Hindi remake of Arjun Reddy only reinforces dangerous notions of love which border on abuse and misogyny.
Mayur Sanap 'Kabir Singh' brings romance back on the Hindi screen - intense, pure, and heart wrenching. The film is a stirring account with brilliant moments, bravura performances, strong emotional quotient and addictive music, this one's an absolute treat for the romantics.
Filmfare What keeps us from noticing the film's flaws outright is the power-packed performance by Shahid Kapoor
Taran Adarsh Not the typical romantic saga. Unconventional, but powerful. Shahid is outstanding, career-best act. Kiara is lovely. Director Sandeep is an incredible storyteller. Overstretched runtime is a deterrent. 3.5/5
Shubhra Gupta

Shahid Kapoor takes the movie and tries to run with it. But he has been a hero at the centre-stage for too long; his responses are too practiced, too familiar. He feels too old for this role.
Manjusha Radhakrishnan Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani elevate this movie about a relationship gone sour. Put a ring on ‘Kabir Sigh’ if you are in the mood for watching a love story that’s wonderfully wicked and warped.
Mahwash Ajaz Kabir Singh is a good watch mainly because of how well the main character is balanced by Shahid Kapoor. Vanga doesn’t lose sight of the journey and doesn’t forget that amidst all the existentialist dilemmas and song placements, he’s telling a modern tale of a toxic male which cannot be justified but has to be told in an entertaining, compelling way. And that it does!
Anita Iyer At 2 hours 52 minutes, Kabir Singh works only because of our leading man, Shahid Kapoor. He breathes life into the character of Kabir Singh and showcases a range of emotions from passion, hatred and rage bordering on lunacy. Kabir Singh will definitely click with the youngsters.
Rahul Desai

An Uninspired Remake Of A Problematic Film
Gayatri Nirmal  

 Kabir Singh will make you laugh, cry and love, and do it all with a lot of passion.
Tushar P Joshi Kabir Singh is an ace up Shahid Kapoor’s sleeve and a treat for his fans. Watch it if you want some intense romance laced up with knock-out performances.
Vishal Verma Love him or hate him but you don,t dare ignore him, not possible. Going with a deserving 4.
Vikas Radhesham If you can believe in Kabir Singh's passionate yet discomforting love and its outfall, Shahid Kapoor's yet another disgruntled angry young man avatar, sharp editing, brilliant outstanding background score will make for an impressive one time watch.
Umesh Punwani All said and done, Kabir Singh gives Shahid Kapoor another chance to prove himself yet again of how brilliant an actor he is. It’s not Shahid who shines alone, it’s a team film where everyone perfectly contributes to the narrative. Highly recommended!

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Mahn I am ready for clean sweep in this movies prediction contest...
Opening day weekend and week all three are gonna come To me ....
Empty your points reserves for me management .... people

by Star (160k points)
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What do I expect from this Far Left Biased Hypocrite Scum.
They have killed bollywood at most with their Insane Agenda.

Reviewer should watch a film with wholistic view from majority perception not with their narrowed agenda eye.

They could write their views on their personal blogs & Social Media Timelines but this shouldn't be a Review on News Platform.

Anyway I'm expecting Good WoM.

by Assistant Director (57.5k points)

how come arjun reddy survived telugu feminists i hope there would be very few of them


It is not about being a feminist. Arjun Reddy really had problematic characters. It worked due to it's rawness. And it was fresh at that time.

That character worked solely because how one dimensional every other character in the film was. Arjun Reddy being free spirited rebel woke everyone who ever wanted to be that.

His character wouldn't have worked against another strong character. If the girl was an Alpha or an exact female version of him then it would've spelt trouble. In the end, the film serves for every male fantasy & that's exactly why that climax worked.

That's exactly why the leniency for the first time around. Making it repetitive was obviously going to bring out other reaction. Arjun Reddy itself got negative reviews from it's users after the hype reduced.

+1 vote

There r movies which r shown completely from Female perspective n movies which r completely from male perspective few movies which balance it out, Kabir Singh is a Movie about a Flawed character.

These Bollywood Critics Overaction for everything is annoying at times., Why a movie needs to be Socially correct?
They have destroyed the industry for their personal agenda, South critics are far better than them.

by Assistant Director (45.7k points)
0 votes

WoM is exceptional. What else is needed for a super hit? Fk all critics

by Camera Operator (10.9k points)
0 votes

feminist brigade out in full force

by Location Scout (4.9k points)

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