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+1 vote
Kabir Singh took an excellent opening of around 50% on its first morning and is the second biggest opening of the year in terms of occupancy. The film is that big lift that the industry needed and reassurance that there is an audience out there for films and its not just about holidays.



The collections outside the metros are simply huge, the metros are also good but the likes of Surat, Indore, Bhopal, Jaipur, Ajmer, Latur are excellent and they could even be called bumper. For a Shahid Kapoor film the collections are simply insane as you need big stars to open in these areas while Shahid Kapoor is more like a mini star.



The craze for the film with the mass crowd and youth outside big urban centres was huge and it has reflected in the initial collections. The single screens that have opened have shown a good response and when they open at large at noon they should be have good numbers even though face value may not be huge.



The potential of the film is huge with this sort of start in mass pockets as the metro multiplexes which may be lacking will come up on Saturday. Due to the craze in mass pockets the footfalls of this film on the opening day will be far higher than most films and on top there is no holiday ticket pricing which has been the case with most big films this year.
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Best answer

First solo blockbuster of shahid's career this decade .

by Location Scout (3.2k points)
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Edited ....


No one will ask him anything ..go on ... Do your own thing .... Mela nahe laga hua idher... Chalte phirte aur nikalte bano..... He's edited it.

+3 votes

Arjun Kapoor in his home must be crying like a little girl now.... he chose movies like namaste England Pinky faraar and few of the disasters and left this movie which is only perhaps second or third excellent or very good opener Shahid Kapoor's career .... I am actually surprised why did this movie get so much excitement I know I was extremely excited about it because it was remake of a movie which I really wanted to watch Arjun Reddy .... Guess I wasn't the only one

by Super-star (160k points)

Arjun Kapoor anyhow can't act like Shahid Kapoor, with him even this movie would've flopped.


Ghanta acting se movie chalti hai ... Ye movie music aur arjun Reddy ki goodwill pay dependent thi ....aur aise roles arjun Kapoor waise bhe kar chuka hai..... Ishaqzaade main .... jaise.

+1 vote

Unbelievable Unbelievable Unbelievable........... Happy For Shahid Kapoor Finally Good Choice Of Script Gives Fruitful Result.

by Unit Manager (37.8k points)
+1 vote

Finally Shahid hits the mark with a solo outing.

by Star (156k points)
+1 vote

i knew it right from the film announcement that this film will take a big opening then the trailers and the songs confirimed it......happy for shahid...he deserves it.hope it has a positive respones.

by Unit Manager (34.8k points)

Whoa...... Look at that name


yeah grand

+1 vote

Shahid may get his 3 rd Blockbuster, one more than "One man industry".

by Editor (81k points)

Captain Canada..!!


Mini industry, biggest North Indian star as they called him Bhagoda K


Also Don't Forget 'God Of Masses'

On A Serious Note Amitabh Bachchan Would Feel So Bad When He Would Know That Some People Call Akshay Kumar One Man Industry!


my bad i failed to grab this.......apologies to whole Canada

0 votes

lol. BOI making it sound like its something out of the world. Chotti Chotti khushiyan.

by Super-star (172k points)
0 votes

Thank you arjun reddy and vijay devarakonda for saving flopstar from bollywood.

by Casting Director (18.9k points)
0 votes

Excellent opening. Wow I expected 30-40% at max. But this is just superb. Now 15+ cr 1st day is confirmed. Highest solo grosser for Shahid on the cards.

by Star (155k points)
0 votes

A well deserved for Shahid kapoor ...

by Editor (89.8k points)
0 votes

''Shahid Kapoor is more like a mini star.'' ........hahahahaah......worst thing in life is to get trolled on your good day

by Unit Manager (34k points)

Hahah I Too Found It Funny

Hope After This Film He Becomes A Big Star And Then Consolidates It With Another Solid Hit!


They should have called him just 'Star'. This micro mini doesn't sounds good.

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