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Yes. She is a lady who cant survive without controversy. Plus she's lost her mind after the failure of Manikarnika. Here's hoping both her next movies are disasters.


sad thing is this crazy feminist media will just hold the only males accountable in this case


Exactly. And another single digit opener for HR as a result.


koi negative publicity ka chance nahi hai kyaa

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Such a wonderful elder sister ... She turned against her dad & brother who provided and protected her luxurious life all these years .

If she was a teenager or girl in her early 20's one could understand her eccentricites. But @ 47yr old she very mature for her age.

Good for her.

by Assistant Director (57.5k points)
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She is 47? Mahn what is wrong with these rich people ...... They should take care of her she is 47 years old woman...... unmarried no children .....she doesn't have a career or any money ..... Wow that is a unfortunate state to be in ....

Damn.... Roshans look at Salman Khan he has been taking care of his unemployed siblings nephews nieces parents brothers in law...... from decades and he still thinks he owes them and he continues to do so and even though they all are taking full advantage of his vulnerability but ..... Roshan's should learn something from this and specially when they are supposed to be sophisticated people....
Mahn I tell you these rich people are very complicated human beings.... I wish and pray she gets back on her feet and get what she wants... This is wrong


//Roshans look at Salman Khan he has been taking care of his unemployed siblings nephews nieces parents brothers in law...... from decades and he still thinks he owes them and he continues to do so //

I have to concur with that @grandy mahn.
Sallu & sanju have seen lot worse sh!t than roshans but still they came out of other end in good shape.


HR needs to toughen up and be a man now. All his life he has lived under his dad's guidance and crippled himself from thinking rationally. Salman is a family bloke but he is his own man. Same for Baba. HR needs to cut all this, work his hardest and get himself busy.

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sounds to me like .... she's just pissed because she is not getting enough money.... from her parents.... rakesh roshan is a guy who has a huge ego.... whatever he did during raees - kaabil clash.... with fake krrish 4 announcement opposite Zero ....and screens distribution attacks on srk....
and here also this issue seems to be his ego getting hurt with his daughter getting one of those terrorist boyfriends for herself.... .... (hey dont knock it till you try it).... there is always something girls find about a bad boy...and whats more bad than a terrorist.

i think its pretty hot .....

and seems like she's old fashioned as well.... hooking up through the times of tinder..... traditions i tell you. she's good.

its a family matter...getting blown out of proportion just because she's pissed..... and she has daddy issues........i think it all is going to be sort in a week..... through text messages

by Star (160k points)
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woah this is some serious shit.. aisi behen na ho toh acha hai..

just look at her rants.. she wants money and if she doesnt get it.. shes going to blab against her family... man if thats not a ***** i dont know what is... earn your money.. woh unka paisa hai.. tu unki beti hai toh kya hua?

Hritik didnt buy me a home.. mom didnt give me enough pocket money... maybe HR needs to find a mental asylum for her.. lage hath kangna ko bhi fenk do usme

by Unit Manager (35.9k points)

Ye hoti hai buri kismat. When your own sister is talking shit against you. Kangana is playing a bigger game now by using HR's sister against him. Seriously, haven't seen a more pathetic person than her.


kangana ka kya hai bhai.. shes an outsider.. yeh HR ki lalchi behen bass paise and uske parents ke attention ke liye yeh sab kr rahi hai...

And the icing on the cake is the laziness of HR.. salman has had so many such things going against him but he works and works unfazed by them..


He's the understatement of the year. If he had worked, he would have challenged the khans and shared a spot with them. Instead he's rolling around in medicority and watching wannabes go ahead.


If he had been active.. his fans enough would have kicked kangana away.. but even his fans have lost interest in him...

social media fans fight many battles for their stars and here HR was being harassed by an ugly woman (not by face but buy nature)... they would have stood by his side.. just like salman and srk fans do

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that is disgusting. a 47 year old woman is asking her parents to continue paying for her daily expenses and an expensive apartment, while doing absolutely nothing to earn money herself.

she is saying that she supports women power, well what kind of power is this? relying on parents money even at this age and throwing a tantrum because she wants even more money.

what has she done to deserve an apartment with 2.5 lac per rent? or more than 50k per month. even 50k per month is too much for an idiot like her.

God help HR and his family.

by Assistant Director (55.6k points)

I agree with you hola. She's lived off her life with her parents money and till a year or two back, she was happy with HR. All of a sudden she has a change of heart ? She is a pathetic person. This is just like sohail and arbaaz revolting against Salman.

HR has been at his sister's side all the time, though her medical issues too. If he's not approving of her lover doesnt mean she starts bashing him in public. Sort it out at home instead of seeking publicity.


I don't think Sohail and Arbaz have had problems with Salman, but even if they have, they are rock steady in public, always by his side.

Meanwhile this woman has purposefully went out and asked HR's enemy for help, someone who has nothing to do with the family at all. Pathetic and shameful. What can Kangana do anyway, other than using it to defame HR even more. He has a lot of toxic people in his life unfortunately.


He needs to take a stand. If his sister wants this, get her out of his house and let her do whatever the hell she wants to. And kangana well....she is beyond words now


HR shouldn't give a damn about his sister after what she is doing? He should grow a backbone and cut her off. She is asking for help from psycho sisters after what they did to her family.

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this is what you call demanding extortion money publicly
and that sister of kangana is nothing but using sunaina to her own use to malign hrithik y is she washing her dirty linen in public

by Location Scout (4.9k points)

Kangana is worse than I thought. She's using his sister to settle her own dirty score.

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What a bull shit.If HR helps then its his choice but he has full right to say no.
And you can't force someone to get help even with in your family or friend.
After a age you have to take your own responsibility..
If you cant pay rent;live with your family and yes she said right- No smoke with out fire.
Now second side of the coin;What equation she had or what she did that his family who are supporting her for 47 yrs now denying to help.her.

Now Next thing - Even if she went for help To kangana;what was the need to give media statements when you are So called family person or bla bla..

My main issue is with this pseudo feminism;You want equal rights but dont ready to share responsibility or hardship;Why!

Now Coming to salman point angle with his family- I never heard Any salman sibling or relative going to media for their family matter starting from Chikara case to Malaika arora issue because they have that much decency.Its not only Salman's credit but their family member respect their peraonal life and don't go to media house for such chutzpah..
And Salman's family stood for salman in his good and bad;here hr's sister wants friendship with the qoman who destroyed their family image(she only said that she messed her during padma shree;will you ever heard that salman's family had friendly relationship with vivek!Never

by Producer (110k points)

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