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It seems like everything is not well between Sooryavanshi’s actor-director, Akshay Kumar and Rohit Shetty. The cop drama was meant for an Eid 2020 release, but Shetty decided to prepone the release to make way for Salman Khan’s Inshallah. Now, it is being said that Akshay was not involved in this decision. Yes, you read it right!

According to a source close to Deccan Chronicle, “Akshay was not even taken into confidence before the decision to prepone Sooryavanshi was made. It was all decided between Salman and Rohit Shetty, and the announcement was made on a public platform. This has left Akshay fuming.”


Reportedly Akshay in 2018 even postponed his PadMan for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat. “Akshay was in no mood to move this time. It was all done between Salman Khan and Rohit Shetty,” the source further reveals.

Recently, fans started trending hashtag #ShameOnRohitShetty after the announcement came out and Akshay later urged his fans not to indulge in any negative practice on social media regarding his upcoming film Sooryavanshi.

The change in the release date did not go down well with a section of social media users as they started using hashtags like “boycott ‘Sooryvanshi‘” on Twitter.

Responding to such “negative trends”, Akshay wrote: “Since the past few days I have noticed certain negative trends being done by people dearest to me… You guys. I can see and understand your angst, all I can do is request you all with folded hands not to start/participate in such trends.”

Akshay even appealed to netizens to maintain a positive outlook towards the film.

“I took up ‘Sooryavanshi‘ with a very positive outlook, let’s continue making and realizing it in the same way,” he added.

“Sooryavanshi” is the fourth film of Rohit’s cop drama universe in which Akshay is essaying the role of Veer Suryavanshi, a character that was introduced as an anti-terrorist squad officer in the Ranveer Singh-starrer 2018 film “Simmba“.

The movie also stars Katrina Kaif, Gulshan Grover and Sikander Kher
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Who the heck is Akshay Kumar .... He's an employee hired by rohit Shetty ... Who pays him by the day .... Akshay gets 80 lakh per day .... After investing 150cr on sooryavanshi do you think it would have been wise on his behalf to put all his investment in line for akshays ego .... Against salman khan ... Who even with his worst movies is doing close to 200cr .... and Let's just not talk about what if his movie gets accepted.... How big can it score.... And how badly it can demolish opposition.
And Rohit wants to build a cop universe .... Not destroy it mid way .... By keeping his employees happy.

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Reinforces yet again the power that Salman and Aamir command today. Akshay is a big star in his own right, but not even asked for his decision. And then people have the audacity to say new wannabes can challenge the Khans.

by Star (148k points)
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The decision was taken in a closed and private room between Salman-Katrina-Rohit . He was kept out because he wanted to make his usual self immolating blazing in fire entry . The other refused and kept him out as they were already sweating in the intensity of the Threeway interaction .. Gimmicks I tell u...

by Art Director (2.9k points)
+1 vote

A Lion does not concern himself with the opinions of Sheep.

No wonder Rohit Shetty didn't cared to ask Akki about it, i mean who is he to be involved with such important decisions?

by Mega Star (216k points)
0 votes

If news not confirm than why you given news as par sources. till now not a single news is right according to sources. its just a publicity stunt by this type of magazine.......

by Unit Manager (31.4k points)
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And who announced release date for Laxmi Bomb and who averted clash with Salman for Joker and Its Entertainment??

by Second Unit Director (73.5k points)
–4 votes

Yes Akshay will never Postponed his movie ..
Maine to phle he bola tha kii ye khichdi bas Salman & Rohit me pakk gyi..
Akshay kabhi postponed nahi krta wo Salman ko already 3-4 baar clash hara chuka hai... wo date khud khaali tha uss waqt baad me INSHALLAH aaya ...jab Akshay Hrithik se PADMAAVAT se clash krte waqt nahi hata SLB khud gya usko smjhane ...

by Camera Operator (8.5k points)

Right. Akshay ka aukat hi nahi film prepone or postponed Karne is all depend on producer.


Haahaa u should thanks ROHIT shetty jisne.... Nahi to Iss baar 4-0 ho jata akshay ka