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It would be unfair to say that SRK's villain role was glorified because playing an obsessive lover was very challenging. He took the risk when no other actor was willing to do the role and his performance got praised by critics and audiences where he was nominated for Best Villain.

I'm not saying everything was Sunny's fault because I wouldn't blame him for being angry at Yash Chopra because things were different when the script was narrated to him. Yash Chopra always had different visions in which he would narrate to the cast. I mean he even cut Juhi Chawla's role off in Chandni in which she wasn't happy. She mentioned that she had a death scene where she supposed to be I'll in hospital but that scene was removed.

Aamir Khan also got annoyed with Yash because he was playing games. Yash narrated the script to him whilst Sunny was narrated something else. So both visions which Yash had were different but Aamir said Sunny was taken for a ride according to his Filmfare interview in 2000.

I'm going to talk about this which I've put quotes because I don't agree with Sunny. Aamir Khan had a problem with this issue in which he asked Yash for a joint narration. Well, if you stab then it wouldn't kill you if you were to exchange punches with a villain. You're supposed to be weak not Superman if you've survived a knife attack.

Aamir was told that there going be exchanged fight but Yash didn't listen.

I was doing a scene in the film where Shah Rukh stabs me. I had a
heated discussion with Yash Chopra regarding that scene. I tried
explaining that I am a commando officer in the film, my character is
an expert, I am very fit, then how can this boy (Shah Rukh's character
in the film) beat me easily. He can beat me if I can't see him. If he
can stab me while I am looking at him, then I won't be called a

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He didn't talk to SRK for 16 years because he was pissed at YRF.
Well knock knock, they gave you villain's role, but you wanted to be a hero.
So it's not SRK'S fault that he made you look like a supporting role, it was his talent.

by Mega Star (217k points)

Well, we know it now. Sunny is jealous of SRK. What the latter achieved in his career, Sunny could only dream of it. Bas isi liye ye bhaisaab har jagah rote hain.

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ek to srk ko itna buri tarah se maara aur fir khud hi baat nahi ki itne saal

by Location Scout (4.9k points)
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Sunny couldn't match up to Shahrukh's exceptional talent. I've read many times Sunny showing his jealousy for SRK. When you cant match him in terms of stardom or talent or acting, better to stay quiet than to get sympathy everywhere.

by Star (152k points)
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Acha hai that he moved in eventually. SRK has good relations with Dharmendra and Bobby, which shows that the problem was with Sunny. Still, he managed to get a Blockbuster where he had the lead role, while the real reason for the success was someone else.

by Assistant Director (55.6k points)
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Darr was more like SRK's film than Sunny. He got the best scenes, best songs and more importantly appreciation from critics and public alike. Sunny was overshadowed by some new guy because of which he was embarrassed lol.

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