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Source Link: https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/guess-who/real-reason-why-big-budget-action-entertainer-got-preponed-mega-star-and-star-director-455796
in General Queries by Assistant Director (55.6k points)
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When two top filmmakers (one known for his larger-than-life, grand, romantic directorials and the other for his massy action entertainers) announce the release date of a big budget action entertainer, starring another mega star, it’s bound to make an impact. But when it’s without the approval of the latter, it’s bound to create massive ripples. He is also unaware of the quiet behind-the-scenes deal which has taken place between the mega star and one of the top directors. Apparently, the mega star has promised to act in the star director’s debut production, a remake of a super hit movie of the 90s and which is being directed by a blockbuster woman director.

Few know of the close bond that the massy director and the mega star share and that they have been in talks for a movie. The director has directed the mega star for the trailer of his reality show a few years back. It’s being said that when the massy director and the mega star were discussing the clash of their movies on a big event date next year, both decided that it wouldn’t make sense if they did. Why eat at each other’s markets when a sensible solution could be found? Now, this massy director has been scouting for a mega star to head the cast of his remake for months. The actor of his own film turned him down as did a few other top stars. Being in a quandry and not able to announce his first home production, he spoke to the mega star about it. The star dangled a tempting carrot in front of him – if he preponed his directorial next year and brought it to another date, he would act in the massy director’s movie. The role was perfect for the mega star, being the responsible brother of many siblings and he would suit it too, so the director jumped at the suggestion.

But while they were sealing their own deal, they hadn’t realise that it would make someone grumpy. The actor plays the main lead in the massy director’s action drama and he definitely didn’t want his movie preponed. But no amount of arguing or discussions could change the massy director’s mind and the mega star acting in his movie, needs a 200-crore blockbuster hit today. A feeble excuse was offered to the director’s actor that he couldn’t have two big movie releases in quick succession and it would work to the best of everyone (and the box-office) if their movie got preponed.

It’s interesting to note that, while the two filmmakers and mega star has been posting their news and pictures all over social media, the other mega star, whose movie was preponed has been quiet on his own news. The silence is deafening from his front. Not one tweet or FB message from him on this one and even his fans are extremely upset at the preponement. They feel that it’s the fault of the massy director who has let their mega star down and have been protesting against it.

It is not just the silence of the mega star whose movie release has got postponed, that is baffling – but the silence of the acclaimed filmmaker, who is directing the mega star, after a gap of years, in a love story. The filmmaker is also close to the classy director (who had announced the preponement of the action thriller with the massy director) known for his grand romantic dramas. Incidentally, the classy director is co-producing the action drama.

The multi-faceted filmmaker, known for his blockbuster hits, and blunt talk, has been keeping a strange silence on this one. Wonder what are his thoughts on this one?

6 Answers

+2 votes

Akshay kumar here is being identified as " megastar" ? ...I protest .

by Location Scout (3.1k points)
+1 vote

Credibility of Pinkvilla sucks, on the name of blind article which is as obvious as it can get, they plant fake news in the market, if that was the case then why Akki announced Laxmi bomb just 2 weeks after Eid?
Salman won't star in Satte pe satta remake that's for sure, this SHITVILLA produce such news everyday.
It maybe theri remake or veteran remake

by Assistant Director (44.1k points)
+1 vote

Incorrect. As of now HR is being considered for the SPS remake and not SK. Plus in which world is Akshay a megastar ?

by Star (152k points)

I already told that. In trezloz universe, Akshay Kumar is MEGASTAR.

+1 vote

Maybe it's about SRK & Farha Khan's SATTE PE SATTA remake. Let's see.

by Camera Operator (10.9k points)
0 votes

As if Suryavanshi is the first movie running from the megastar

by Second Unit Director (78.4k points)
0 votes

Uff Megastar ???
Ohh man I don't know how many Megastar are there ...
Srk fans say - SRK is Megastar
Salman fans say - Salman is Megastar
Now Akshay is also a Megastar...
Wo din durr nahi jab VArun ,,Tiger ,,RS ,,RK ko bhi Megastar bolne lage...aur sab maan bhi lenge kaun faltu ka bhes krga

by Camera Operator (9.1k points)

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