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Andar Se Sab Akshay Fans Bhi Jaante Hi Ki Kya Hua Hai Akshay Ke Saath Phir Bhi Gire Toh Bhi Taang Upar Wali Kahawat Ko Follow Karne Mei Lage Hue Hain

5 Answers

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Everybody Know's That Salman Is The Baap Of Bollywood Currently Which Will Manage Other Movies Date Also. Than Why You Announce It On Eid Release Because Everybody Know's That Baap Of Bollywood Coming On Eid.

by Unit Manager (31k points)
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But who is the baap of the World? The answer is GOD.


Who says GOD has to be male only? I mean why does it have to be a GOD & not GODDESS?


Yes, I am GOD when people see me as male and GODDESS when people see me as female.


So GOD can be gender specific & gender neutral, even trans.

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Some of his fans should be grateful that he was spared of a clash.

by Star (146k points)
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Akshay's position is lol.

He obviously had no say in the moving of his movie but can't do anything now, even he knows how his starpower is.

by Mega Star (215k points)
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Shame On Akshay Fans

Inka Bas Chale Toh Akshay Ko Suryavanshi Se Nikalwa Kar Hi Maane

Eak Blockbuster Mil Rahi Hai Khushi Khushi Lelo Kyu Itna Hungama Kar Rahe Hain Samajh Nahi Aa Raha

by Assistant Director (42.3k points)

What shame it's clear from Akshay sir's tweet that he is not happy with this decision of Rohit and karan,fans are right upto an extent though they should trend something better but their anger was right, aur rhi bat Rohit Shetty ki to he did wrong with Akshay, Akshay Kumar ne apna career apne dam par banaya hai Rohit shetty ke dum par nhi kuch films chod dein to he always work with small producers and new directors he doesn't need all that padding he is here on his own and he will keep on improving for years to come.

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bach gayi dada aur poti ki story nahin to bombay velvet bhi khatre me aa jaati

by Location Scout (4.6k points)

Bhai was generous to spare Ranbir from a a thrashing this xmas. He was equally tolerant in 2017 too for Sanju. And do remember Ranbir had Salman's presence in his first movie too. Ranbir owes it all to Salman...including his ex gf too.


My question is do akshay really have fans. Bcoz in my life i never met aki fan..


Hello I am creepy is much worse. He's a ranbir fan. That's the worst form of insult there can ever be.


@playboy, In trezloz universe, Akshay Kumar is a global star.