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0 votes
I don’t think its Shetty’s fault. Agar Akki me dum aur star power hota toh he would have stood his ground but he lets the decisions be made by others.

I got my cheque. Now release the movie whenever you want. Waise bhi 2 mahine baad phir ek movie hai.
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+5 votes

They are not only akshay fans. They are mahamilavti fans of all secondary grade stars. Who can’t even close to salman and aamir.

by Casting Director (18.8k points)
+3 votes

Akki-shetty stand nowhere to face B.O pull of Salman and goodwill of Slb..sane decision.

by Location Scout (3.1k points)

Even an average movie by Salman khan is going to get badly recieved by the audience now . He needs a good director like Slb not a charlatan like Rohit shetty whose main audience consists of humans suffering from intellectual poverty , and they are in abundace .


SLB Is Himself A Mediocre Director
Just Check His Stats And Compare It With Shetty And Not To Forget That SLB Has Worked With Many Top Stars Of Modern Era

Also Leave Box Office Stats, Even Content Wise Bansali Mostly Makes Limited Appeal Movies

Shetty Is 2nd To Only Hirani Today

Its Like Raaj Kapoor And Manmohan Desai Of Previous Era Whom BOI Called Biggest Directors Of All Time!


No..Slb is miles ahead of Shetty in terms of Quality and Scale (not that Slb is some amazing entity ) ' . When people here just don't use their wisdom on what to worship and whom to vote , it's just too much expectations to hope that they know what to watch . Just because more people of this society/geographical area decides to watch his films doesn't mean that Shetty is better than Slb .Majority can be terribly wrong . The filmmaking talent is just not present in Shetty . Destroying cars is not filmaking , asking actors to make funny faces is not filmaking . There is no authenticity in his direction , he takes all his films to goa , shoots in the locations with freshly painted colorful streets , his characters delivers whats@pp level jokes , looks like he creates situations in the film only to tell that joke . Collection of low grade humour scenes makes a rohit shetty film . He is not just a Non talent , he is a Dis-Talent ..a dis talented guy is 5.75 times more inferior in talent than a Non talented guy


Well Thats Your Personal Opinion But It Doesn't Change The Fact That Rohit Shetty Makes Much More Entertaining Films Than SLB, Moreover What Actually Is A Good Film Is Subjective.

Rohit Makes Films For The Masses, For Large Section Of The Audience And No Surprise That He Is Extremely Successful Director Which Actually Matters At The End Of The Day.

People Are Intelligent Enough To Choose For Themselves And Its Their Right Whom To Choose, You Cant Question Choice Of People Just Bcz Your Choice Is Different From Theirs, Films Are A Source Of Entertainment Thats The Reason Why People Go To Cinema Halls And Rohit Shetty Provides Them What They Want.

SLB Is Even Behind Ali Abbas Zafar As Far As Success At Box Office And Making Pan India Films Are Concerned!

+3 votes

First tell me out of people who are trending this trend, how many are Akshay fans and how many are Hindu fans who were kicking their lips on sensing a great Hindu nationalist movie defeating a Muslim Anti-national actor's movie, but Rohit Shetty chickened out.

I guess this move has hurt sentiments of people, so Sooryavanshi must be boycotted & Rohit Shetty must be declared Anti National.

by Mega Star (217k points)

Hmm Makes Sense!

+2 votes

The only reason you become an akshay fan.... Is because you are a failure.
You choose.... To embrace abomination. .. Over anything and everything else in the world.

I am seriously surprised..... How they become akshays fans

by Star (160k points)

Because Akshay Kumar is an actor who can entertain with his acting boxoffice hi sab much nhi hota his comedies were most loved among children and many of us were his fans from childhood not after 2010.

+2 votes

Isse Kehtey Hain Jiss Pair Pe Baithna Usiko Kaatna

Jo Rohit Shetty Se Akshay Apne 3 Decade Ke Career Ki Teesri Blockbuster Aur 2 Cr Footfall Wali Film (Out Of Around 120 Films) Paane Ki Umeed Lagaye Baitha Hai Uske Nalle Fans Usi Shetty Masss Ke Against Trend Kar Rahe Hain!

by Assistant Director (45.9k points)

Though I don't support such negative trends but The trend is not just because of the postponment of the film but the way they did that ,Salman announce the date that too one of the worst date 27th March ,baghi3 might come a week before then IPl will start from 29th March and 83 on 10th april,Salman isn't mention akshay Kumar and Rohit and Karan bot retweet the tweet of Salman but they were also not mention akshay Kumar,Akshay Kumar doesn't tweet a single line about this decision so it looks clear that Rohit Shetty might get a film with Salman and so as Karan and thatswhy they make the blunder,you can shift the date of your film but it's not a right way to do it ,it definitely hurt Akshay Kumar fans the way they don't even mention akshay Kumar.

+1 vote

Yet to understand why these fans are pissed off. RS has the potential to give Akki the biggest grosser of his career, usi men khush ho jaao.

by Star (152k points)

It's all because they don't even mention Akshay Kumar and Akshay himself isn't tweet anything ,he might be not happy with the decision and that actually hurt the fans more than the release date.


The situation is embarrassing for Akshay yes. RS and SK announcing the date of his movie and he isn't in the picture too.

0 votes

Shame on those make believe fans

by Second Unit Director (78.4k points)

It's actually shame on those directors and producers who shift the date of their films and not mention the lead actor of that folm in their tweets,Akshay fans are right here ,Rohit and Karan are actually using Akshay and may do some deals with salman.


Can feel the feelings of real fans but there r many who are just Salman haters like some loosers who pretend to be Big B fans

0 votes

I don't think Akki didn't see this coming, he announced Laxmibomb 2 weeks after E, so it was finalised long back.
May be they are right on their part to protest as even the producers didn't mention the lead star and they have done so much fekam fake with others and now they have no idea how to troll back.

by Assistant Director (44.1k points)

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