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PK will complete 5 years in top 2 ATG in December, no one other Aamir could cross it in bollywood. 

Many people refused to watch PK  because of issues related to religion.

5 Christmas release after 2014 + significant increase in ticket prices ... and still we are waiting for a bollywood movie to cross PK's gross collection.

Will this decade also ends with top 2 ATG belonging to Aamir Khan

2000-2009 Decade : Top 2 Highest Grossers - 273cr 157cr 2010-2019 Decade till now: Top 2 Highest Grossers- > 500cr 448cr
Even overseas top 2 grosser in 2010 - 2019 from bollywood are 
Dangal and Secret Superstar.

Movies which have a chance according to me before LSC

1) Dabangg 3
2) 83 (have to executed brilliantly)
3) Inshaallah 

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3 Idiots
Chennai Express
Dhoom 3
Laal Singh Chaddha

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Keep Calm And Wait For Laal Singh Chaddha To Break Every Record From Opening To Lifetime, Domestic Overseas & Worldwide And Emerge As A Classic All Time Blockbuster Like 3 Idiots!

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only 83 has chance to beat pk. rest won't even do 348cr, forget 448cr

answered by Unit Manager (37.3k points)

MS dhoni, a movie based on India's biggest sporting superstar dint fo even 150cr, and you're expecting a movie on a yesteryear sporting icon starring a wannabe to do 400cr? Kya phoonkh rakha hai bhai?


we will talk next year about it


Tukka har baar nahi lagta. Do remember. Wannabe Ranveer will barely touch 150cr with 83..

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NONE ........... .........

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83 The Film and Brahmastra.

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article 13................

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Inshallah is next decade and no movies of this year can cross pk so Aamir will go down having top2 grossers of the decade again.

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Hope each and every record belong to Salmir

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Ummmm.... Obviously none.... Saaho will cross it easily.... Overall.
PK was a cinematic hurricane... When movies were not crossing 150cr.... Its did almost 350cr...
It's second week.... Is bigger than many holiday releases...in terms their total gross.
I remember.... Its growth.... Unprecedented and unheard.... 25 to 38 Fri to Sunday...
Only lal singh chadha and Saaho...

INSHALLAH.... Its better to keep your hopes at 0 as for as Boxoffice is concerned.... As a film it'll be great im sure if that.... Dabangg 3 is a formula movie... These movies have limitations... No matter how good they've made these... Which in almost all of the cases, they don't.

83.... No chance.... What so freaking ever.... Not in 1000 years.

I don't whats RRR.... May be that'll do it as well.

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Only lal singh....................................

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