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Suhas Bhi Maze Le Raha Hai

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These twitter fans I tell you... kuchh hadd tak thik hai yeh sab... this is next level shit from Akki fans though

the problem starts when you are on twitter like a jobless guy, tweeting 24/7 for your so called favorite star.

by Unit Manager (35.7k points)
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Bhagega toh Salman hi ya phir clash hoga Akki nahin hatega, Watch the confidence of so-called Critic Bobby. Iska muh hamesha ke liye bandh kar diya Salman ne

by Assistant Director (40.6k points)

Yeh Sadak Chaap Bhikmange Ko Kuch Logon Nei Sarr Pe Chadha Rakha Hai Aak Thooo


Kon hai ye log kaha se aate hai ye log?

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Lol, these fans should be happy Akshay got his chance to give his biggest grosser which wouldn't be possible with a clash on Eid

by Star (150k points)
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no offense ..but.. becoming a fan of akshay..... is degrading your individuality......... its like if you have a choice to pick either a 5 star hotel or a dirt caked malaria ridden hut to stay.... and you pick the latter and call it better than the former

by Star (158k points)
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See that tweet of stalwart appy bol toh aisi rahi jaisi ke akshay salo se 400cr deta ara raha hai he is ready to crush any star.. lol bcoz of rohit n karan this movie got hype n festival announcement nai toh aki ko solo non holiday bi naseeb nai hote the....

Waise y i was banned for week without announcement wch mahapurush banned me n y..

by Unit Manager (32.5k points)
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Yeh Rajmata Appu Devi ka Tweet Hai Unka Tweet Hi Hai Proof


Btw H4 Bhi Producer Ke Wajah Se Book Hui Hai

by Assistant Director (44.9k points)
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All set to start his 4 th decade as a megastar

by Second Unit Director (75.2k points)
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I see no difference between those persons and these forum members. Life is far too short to waste your time doing unnecessary things. Wake up, Children.

by Set Decorator (1.4k points) 1 flag