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+1 vote

Dabangg 3


Veteran Remake

Tiger 3

Kick 2

Sooraj Barjatia Next

Sher Khan

in Upcoming Releases by Assistant Director (48.9k points)
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Don't want it if Sohail directs..


A headline that would please Grand Nova.


lol no .... if it was before race3..... i might have been very excited....
salman khan's career is pre and post race 3 now.... the way he defended race3..... qualitywise.... i was out.....
not much expectations..... for me its just like...jab tukka lag gaya... i will be the happiest guy ever.....

for all we know.... he might make a comedy film like ready partner...... and call it sher khan.

a movie like sher khan needs courage and open mindedness ..... to make.....
first thing salman khan does when he moves ahead with a home production to count the recovery doors.....

7 Answers

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Will be a large scale movie and hope a suitable director directs it

by Editor (80.7k points)
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+1 vote

His line up is good but I just hope he does work with Rohit Shetty. There's no word on who will direct the Veteran remake but there's always a chance for Salman Khan to approach him for this film.

Sher Khan has been talked about since 2012 but it's just the script and VFX which requires a lot of work. It's too early to talk about it but if it's good then we can say it was worth the wait.

by Production Accountant (29k points)
+1 vote

From above list only tiger 3 looks in safe zone.. Don't know why m feeling that all other movies are gonna be average at the box office.. I hope I'll be wrong..

by Camera Operator (11.4k points)
+1 vote

sohail khan way of staying in news since 2013

by Unit Manager (30.8k points)
+1 vote

Sohail n Srk dono panauti ko Salman se dur rakho ...

by Unit Manager (33.1k points)
+1 vote

Not needed. Especially if sohail is anywhere near directing it. Get a professional to make it or else shelve it.

by Star (156k points)
+1 vote

lol yeah...bollywood is preparing an avatar of its own..... writing going on for almost a avatar. then directing getting training to make a visually rich movie..... haha i swear that was a news....that sohail khan is attending workshops for sher khan in united states....
while salman khan said in 2014 that sher khan needs lots of writing...... so probabbly they are writing .....for 9 years......
mind you ...sher khan was supposed to release christmas 2012....... when ek tha tiger and sher khan were supposed to go on floors after one another....

i dont know what they are doing..... salman khan can put 100cr on a film..... sohail khan can put 31cr on a film...they'll get bhushan kumar to invest another 50cr.....

and i SWEAR TO YOU....they can make a movie with better visual effects and equally big scale as that of baahubali ...... believe me on that...

. but i doubt .... they can pull this off......

these are stubborn people...

.even if they made a jaani dushman type of visually rich quality story movie...... they'll start thinking they've actually made avatar kinda movie..... .

like when they made jai ho .... they were so overconfident...they challenged CE total...with lower ticket prices.... and with tubelight.... they challenged baahuabli 2 collection (its true.....)

these guys dont trust anyone else...other than their father..

.and their father..... always misleads them.....

he supposedly likes every salman khan film.....

sohail khan is ambitious..... but this is not his cup of tea.....

a movie like sher khan needs real courage..... to putting everything in line.... the first thing they would be doing is calculating how can they do recovery..... worry about that..and as usual...make a pathetic movie.... and let audience suffer and distributors and exhibitors bleed.... like jai ho and tubelight.....

i doubt this movie will see the light of day ....

and if it does....i dont think it'll be good

these guys are not professional
it all is a hobby for them.... sohail khan is not as worse as farah khan... but he's as far from being a professional director as i am.....

and for salman khan its better just to make formula movies..... and play to your strengths..... 4 underperformers in past 5 movies..... with inshAllah coming next year.... should be enough already....

darwaazy ko wrong side pay jitna bhe zor laga lo wo nahe khulta...... working hard and working smart...there is a difference.

by Super-star (160k points)

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