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Rain (3 votes, 27%)
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Even More Heavier Rain (8 votes, 73%)
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Rain. Having lived in the UK for so long, can vouch for this. The weather is pathetic and dismal. Expect the quicks to enjoy these conditions though if matches do happen.

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Still living in UK?


I keep travelling. Will be going back in October.

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Fck ICC For Organising World Cup In A Country Like England
This Has Been Worst World Cup Of All Time
Total Disgrace

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True. And expect more washouts too. Forecast for India vs Nz and most importantly India vs Pak is not good at Manchester.


Ridiculous To Say The Least!

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If not for rain pak would have been out of 92 world cup where they were bundled out for 73 against england luck

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Pak deserved their World Cup win. Stop acting like a noob all the time.


If England would have batted pak would have been out of the world cup you are a moron

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India> Even more.... heavier rain

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India is the strongest team in this world cup by a huge distance.... Then comes England and then newzealand....

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