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+2 votes

Even if We Don't take South Territory,, North Territory Has Enough Cinemagoers  to have this Much Footfalls.

Bahubali 2 is a Proof...

What's The Problem ??

Is Bollywood Not Making Good Movies ???

in General Queries by Camera Operator (8.8k points)
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7 Answers

+2 votes

bollywood stopped making movies for masses after om shanti om ghajni ab sirf critics ke liye banti hai and let me tell u if bahubali was hindi movie it would have been thrashed as well

thugs was a decent movie but it was literally murdered by all

by Location Scout (4.9k points)

But OSO & Ghajini has not even 2cr & 3cr Footfalls Respectively.


jo bhi ho vo movies thi sabke liye ab to individual classes ko target kar movies banti hai


Bhai wo sabke liye nahi thi...
GADAR ke baad jitne BLOCKBUSTER hai ek KKKG,, DANGAL,, Bajrangi Bhaijaan he aisi movie hai jo sabke liye thi every type of Audience can watch these movies...aur bhi kuch honge.


naa bhai ab movies sirf particular classes ke liye hi banti mostly 1-2 movies se kuch farak nhi padta

+2 votes

When an event movie from. Hollywood releases... It puts in line a 2000cr losing bet .... And mind you there are probably a dozen event movies release there every year...
When a Bollywood movie releases... It puts exhibitors and distributors in line for losing...
Thats where quality and courage.... Dont go hand in hand....
Jinka apna paisa doobe ga.... Wohi serious hunge...

Crew salaries need to lessen...bigger Production budget and quality writers are needed.... Directors who are professional.... Should only be given work... Not ones who take it as hobby... Jo k Bollywood main 90% hain.
Prime example is farah khan.... And many others like her... She think eating vomit is funny and no one questions her.
Mohenjodaro movie budget was 150cr.... Vfx budget was 7cr.... A pakistani movie waar probably made on 10cr looks bigger than Dhoom 3 or any other Indian movie other than 2.0 and Baahubali.... ... Easily.

Which is why.... Bollywood industry is not gonna progress but.... Will continue to regress.

Only people make formula movies.... And those who make non formula movies... They make'em only for their friend circle.

by Star (158k points)

Kuch smjh nahi aaya prr Padh krr acha laga


Kuch smjh nahi aaya prr Padh krr acha laga

+2 votes

Our society's diversity prevents a bollywood film from reaching its full potential . For ex What works in central india doesn't work or may not equally work well in the multiplexes of Mumbai and also lack of good screens prevents female viewers to view movies in semi urban and interiors , even in the Hyderabad Single sscreens female audience are not even 10% of the total audience and there is so much vulgarity in items songs that 50+ older audience feels ashamed to watch movies in theatres .

by Art Director (2.9k points)

Wow @Charlie Sor Best Answer.


Rai saab ..U can always expect best from the Best

+2 votes

I think Multiplexes in India charges a hefty price for Tickets & Food. They charge like US cinemas but they don't bear in mind that Per Capita Income of US is 7 times of India. If plexes reduces ticket price to half and reduce food price it will be game changer.

by Second Unit Director (78.2k points)

Bhai sabhi movie ka High Ticket Price nahi hota.


Actually the prices of small movoes should be the price of festival releases and smaller movies should have even lesser prices.

Prices of snacks should be decreased by huge margin too.


@Vivek for small movies 300-500 Ticket price is just too high. A family doesn't want to watch a small movie for 2000 for 4 persons. Include Snacks and Parking It will shoot upto 3000-3500. For event film thats ok. But for smaller films Ticket price should be half of event movies.


Bhai Aaj bhi Single Screen hai Jaha TP bhut low hai...
Aur to aur India itna bhi garib nahi kii iss 132cr Population me 4cr yaa 5cr Audience movie nahi dekh sake...
The Truth is that Bollywood is not making such movies to watch in Theatre.

+2 votes
  1. For a Hollywood, India has uncountable woods
    2.Too many critics who would themselves go for a Bodyguard to watch with his family but praising boring out of hell movies including European movies
    3.Unemployment- how many pseudo critics and trade analysts India have to thrash movies without even watching (credit to Mukesh Ambani)
    4.Sold out awards rediculing Actors (with potentials) leading to misconception to about 50 lakhs potential footfalls
    5.Insurgency problems, Hindi films are not allowed to be shown in most NE states, last Hindi movie at theatre in Manipur was Kaho Na Pyar Hain
by Second Unit Director (75.2k points)
edited by
+2 votes

Due to yrf kj cinema.......

by Assistant Director (49.6k points)
0 votes

Three factors;
1. India is poor country, box office is all but the cities.
2. Poor films being made.
3. Low cinema going culture.

by Super-star (172k points)

2nd & 3rd is Okk..
But 1st One nahi smjh aaya India Poor Country ???
""BO is all But the Cities"" iska mtlb kya hai Charlie sir ???


India is poor country who can't even afford to go to cinema.

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