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asked in Old by Assistant Director (46.4k points)
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If we compare one scene of a movie to a scene of any other movie then we can find similarity between them. Many actors laughing in same style or weeping in same style if we say, it is copy of that movie then it will be not right. On the basis of such stupid comparision media can correlates each and every film of bollywood to a hollywood movie or any other movie. It's mean not that movie is copied. Many time directors, direct a scene normally, and later he know that this scene is also in an other movie.

answered by Production Accountant (21.7k points)
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tell that to some senseless person also known as playboy
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If No movie khans are original then Avatar is also not original.

Concept of Avatar is similar to 'Namak Halal' . In Namak Halal , Amitabh sends Rajesh khanna to divide labour union and in the end Rajesh khanna starts fighting for labour unions.

In Avatar, humans send hero among Na'vi to exploit them but in the in Hero starts fighting for Na'vi.

Also concept of Inception is stolen from this song :

Sapne mein dekha Ek Sapna :

answered by Set Designer (2.4k points)

Ha Ha....Good one!!...

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Lagaan,sarfarosh etc etc

answered by All Time best! (266k points)
sir g no smoking cat's eye ke ek segement ki copy hai. mante ho ke nahi phir
bhai dekhon ga Cat's Eye to pta chlay ga........regarding ''mante ho ke nahi phir''....bhai films dekh kr btatay ho ya net par search maar kr he??
mostly dekhi hui hain. jis mein confusion hota hai to kabhi kabhi net pe bhi mil jata hai. i have seen almost all hollywood and bollywood movies

your age?????student ho????
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Amitabh, Ajay or many have played police officers but Salman Khan as Chulbul Pandey is different.

answered by Production Designer (13.9k points)
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CHAK DE India... serious all time... for the nation.

answered by Assistant Director (58.1k points)

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