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+2 votes

Aamir khan (post dangal, 3 years)

movies: 2 (incl extended guest appearance)

secret superstar = average

toh = a huge flop (disaster zone)

Hrithik roshan (post k3, 6 years)

movies: 3

bang bang = semihit

mohenjo daro = a big flop

kaabil = below average

Salman khan (post sultan, 3 years)

movies: 4

tubelight = below average (flop zone)

tzh = blockbuster

race 3 = average

bharat = semihit

Shah rukh khan (post hny, 5 years)

movies: 6 (incl extended guest appearance)

dilwale = semhit (due to huge overseas collections)

fan = flop

dear zindagi = semihit

raees = semihit

jab harry met sejal = a big flop

zero = a huge flop (disaster zone)

in Box Office Discussions by Production Accountant (29.9k points)
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After 2016 Only 1 Hit For Big 4 i.e, TZH


What Hrithik Roshan is going through is solely his doing.

Khans are on their peak. The change is bound to happen with others taking over & Khans dominance in the market decreasing. What they do to stay relevant & hold on to their star power is upto them.

You see Salman Khan can't sustain alone with his action star image because people will find an alternative in the action genre & his age will limit him too. The effort can be seen with his Bharat where he wants to go above action image. Infact except that one action scene, he is entirely stripped off his image in Bharat. To test that only he is doing Inshallah. This will allow him to prolong his market for Kick 2, Veteran remake & Tiger till 2022-2023 at max.

Aamir will continue to take his time. If TOH hadn't flopped, then he would have come out more confident. The Forrest Gump remake is his safe zone to encash PK image. With youngsters growing strong (they did dwindle this year but production houses have made it clear whom they will be willing to spend on & give gigantic platform to create next set of superstars), like Salman even Aamir is flexing his muscles to ensure prolonged market before being forced to make a final decision. All cannot take the same decisions or risk as Big B. Giving up lead roles will happen only after they have exhausted their market dominance.

In case of Srk, entire decade went with mistakes after mistake. So it's down to see what he does rather than what we expect him to do. Bollywood clearly proved, more than Salman & Aamir, Hindi cinema directors have zero clue on what to do with Srk & how to present him.

6 Answers

+1 vote

Baba.. Don't worry about aamir Khan.. It was just a rare failure.. Nothing else.. He will be back in grand way.. He knows how to handle the audience.... He failed with thugs of Hindostan after so many years.. Actually it was good for him.. Coz now he won't repeat the mistake again.. talking about salman Khan he is also in safe zone.. Well m worrying about shah rukh Khan coz hrithik roshan is still young compared to khans... but he should take his career seriously...

by Camera Operator (11.2k points)
+1 vote

Aamir will make a comeback, Nothing to worry about Salman too as he has a great line up ahead. Danger signs are there for HR and SRK. Hoping HVT will be a hit atleast.

by Star (150k points)
+1 vote

Aamir Khan-Toh was one odd, As Seinfeld once said Only Aamir gets it right baakiyon ke khali tukke lagte hain, he'll make a grand comeback for sure

Salman Khan- He's still the biggest interms of crowdpulling even after 5 disappointments in last 5 years, which has made very less dent to his initial pull, so it would require couple of more disappointments to bring him down

Hrithik-Iam hopeful that he'll make a great comeback with Yrf movie but he has to follow that up with Grand Action Movies. He should rule Bollywood after khans.

SRK-Though he's still the 3rd biggest interms of initial pull but that has more to do with weak competition, he has failed twice in opening first Jhms, Zero. Very hard to make a comeback sad but truth.

by Assistant Director (40.6k points)
+1 vote

Aamir khan to nikal jayega.... He has the goodwill so strong as if people owe him... He hikes his movie's ticket rates to unheard level and people watch'rm twice... ... Lal singh chadha will target 500cr.... Bhansali is trying a tubelight of his own.... Only thing that can work for srk is Dhoom 4.

Rest later....

by Star (158k points)
0 votes

Bhai TOH Ko BOI Below Average De Dega Bcz It Had Record Recovery And No Distributor Lost Money, BOI Is Lenient Towards Khans But Its In Huge Flop Zone

With Lal Singh Chaddha And Mogul In 2020 And 2021 Aamir Will Make A Grand Comeback As Its In His Comfort Zone- Drama Plus Christmas

by Assistant Director (44.9k points)
0 votes

Expiry date of such posts is 20 th December

by Second Unit Director (75.2k points)

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