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Still 58M Which is impossible

Avtaar 2 should now take the throne
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If I'm not wrong.... The drop of avatar from first to 5th weekend was 10% or so....
Evry critic wanted avatar to bomb.... It took them 15 years to make it....
Just like now there is huge negativity for avatar sequels.

While positivity for mcu movies is so sky high.

Cameron movies are hated before release... But then only work due to wom....
He's the best writer in Hollywood....
With rambo terminator franchises.....
True lies was so hated....

But he's the real king of Hollywood.


Avatar at today Exchange rates and ticket rates is around $2.25 Billion only. Endgame has atleast 30% more footfalls than Avatar. Avatar released when $ was at its weakest, I made it very clear that it will be big achievement to beat Avatar in $ as for these two factors.

Also; Avatar first run was $2.749 Billion, Endgame is looking to do $2.77 Billion without re-release.


hadd hai , endgame biggest hype ww , higher ticker rates crossing 1 bn in 1st weekend itself with 22 movies build up and 10 years later still not crossing avatar aur yaha experts apne funde gina rahe hai

Jurassic park did 914 m$ in 1993

Titanic did 1.8b$ , double its figure in 1997

Avatar did 2.8b$ in 2009 crossed margin by 1b$

now this is called decimation of records not slogging over by 10-20 m$ after 10 years

the simple truth is endgame is all hype no susbstance like jp, titanic ,et, avatar otherwise with it could have crossed 4bn$

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Avatar is a worthy film to hold the Worldwide biggest film crown .

by Art Director (2.9k points)
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I said it earlier. Crossing Avatar & Specially touching 2 billion Foreign Collection is just too much. I called for 2.7 billion but not crossing avatar. Guess what I was right.

by Second Unit Director (78.2k points)
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It's actually Christmas & exchange rates mass. If we go by international exchange rates of 2009 to 2019 then EndGame will have crossed Avatar by now.
Also the summer competition which is much lesser than Christmas.

And it'll be difficult for Avatar 2 to cross Avatar as of you look at Avatar then only thing that made it highest grosser was 3D & Technology, other then that it had nill effect on pop culture, media, and it's not even a classic movie which carries on the goodwill to its sequel.

Curiosity factor of being sequel to highest grosser may give it big opening but if story is generic like first one then it won't get the required legs to touch the heights of first one.

by Mega Star (216k points)



The most obvious reason is inflation. Movie tickets cost a lot more
now than they did in 2009 — a full 20 percent more in the United
States alone. That means “Avatar” would have grossed $150 million more
here than its $760 million domestic total in today’s dollars, a number
that puts “Avatar’s” global total near the 3-billion-dollar mark.

kindly read charlie ji


I don't need to read some bullshit analysis.

Avatar had 70mn footfalls in US and Endgame will have 85mn.


bhai this is not my self compile ddata its us box office experts they would be knowing more than me nd you i think

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Imdb rating of avatar should be 10/10....
It is the best film of all time....
It's scale and visuals are unbeatable.... Its like Baahubali... The best masala movie in world cinema.... Hero elevation... When jake sully rides the turruk... The attention to detail.. Is unprecedented....

People act... They act amazing... They act unprecedented... It can take 3 days to shoot a best acted movie and would yield 20 mins of screen time.... While for avatar they would have taken months.... For same amount of screen time.... Its called motion pictures not acting cinema....
The only thing unoriginal and little weird in avatar was matrix centinal killer machines and jurassic Park 3 background score.....

On the other hand.... End game worked due to goodwill of culmination of MCU.... Kevin feige is the king... No doubt.
But titanic and avatar.... Are miracle of movies....
Close to one hundred thousand individuals worked on avatar

by Star (158k points)
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Bewkoof the wo jo soch rhe the END GAME cross krr Jygi AVTAR ko ..
Maine to Movie rlse se phle he dekh liya tha aur bola tha jaise STAR WARS,,INFINITY WAR itni achi movie hokr hagg diya to ye Bekar END GAME kya ukhad lega..
Bhai khud Socho uss movie ko koi kaise Cross krr skta hai jiska Naam he "AVTAR" ho

by Camera Operator (8.8k points)
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Yeah AV2 will be humongous. But personally never liked it. I find Avatar very overrated, the story wasn't anything great and I found it boring too

by Star (150k points)
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Jurassic park did 914 m$ in 1993

Titanic did 1.8b$ , double its figure in 1997

Avatar did 2.8b$ in 2009 crossed margin by 1b$


even if surpasses avatar

will cross by just 50-60m$ margin with much higher ticket prices

Ticket prices much higher than 10 years before in US alone 20% more than 2009

by Location Scout (4.9k points)
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Why would they re release it..... Avatar is now the property of Disney...I dont think they will take away the novelity act from Avatar i.e Highest grossing movie on the World...promoting Avatar 2 as the sequel of highest grossing movie in the world sounds so much cooler....

by Second Unit Director (78.9k points)

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