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Bharat has fair numbers Overseas with collections likely to finish in the $6.75-7 million range over the extended weekend. An event film should really have bigger numbers but a film named Bharat and released on Eid is not exactly going to set the Overseas markets on fire and that has what has happened. The benefit of Eid gets subdued because of the name of the film.



The big markets on Eid are Gulf and United Kingdom but they have a heavy Pakistani audience and that audience will stay away (or come in limited numbers) for a film named Bharat no matter who the actor. Gulf and United Kingdom are still comparatively the best markets but lower than what they should be on Eid. All Overseas markets get affected when the Pakistani audience stays away but Gulf and United Kingdom are affected the most.



The big four markets have done $5.9 million apprx as can be seen by the apprx figures below. The rest of overseas will in the $750k - $1million range.



United Kingdom - £575,000



USA / Canada - $1,850,000



Gulf - $3,000,000



Australia - A$400,000



The worldwide figures over the extended five day weekend are around 218 crore with India giving 170 crore and Overseas adding 48 crore. The Overseas business will probably under perform as against the India business and be a lag on the worldwide total.

Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=5096
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Disappointment. Zero 5-Day figure was $7.8M or more. Bharat gonna end it's run around $11M.

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Lo Eak Aur Theory BOI Ki, Pakistani Audience Theory!

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phir bhi dil hai Hindusani, CDi and swades, has done good business Gulf better than many super hit movies humtum, partner, msk etc though agree about UK....But again US, Aus and rest of the world numbers are not impressive as well..

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