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don't expect more than 200cr. love story. lol

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The king..your majesty.... . No one is gonna doubt you sire.

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look im not a boxoffice fan of salman khan...though i love absolutely love when numbers follow..... force of habbit perhaps.
but im gonna love this movie..... so darn very very much ... reason why i love ambitious movies...... from salman khan.... whenever he plays safe....thats good.... but ..... whenever he goes ambitious...... mahn thats satisfaction....
im already super looking forward to this movie...... because i know how bhansali handles him..... coming from HDDCS and saawariya..... but when the movie releases..... social media and women movements and anti khan gatherers and anti salman khan folks like reshma shetty and karan johar and anti bhansali peopple...would come after this movie and salman khan with evverything they've got......and they.... would have rather salman khan left the country.....

but salman khan like a mahn with ego....... locking horns with all of them... like a stubborn mahn he is.

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Its Another Bumper Opener for Salman Khan....... Lifetime depend on Content and Wom.......

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I am not at all confident on this movie. SLB is a master craftsman but somehow Salman in a love story is not sounding convincing to me. SLB is good with historicals, not sure about a modern love story

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So after taking a break with Bharat, Salman is back on track.

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Still won't match legend srk's track record of films this decade


Nah, he's going to match his own from previous decade


Nah both quality and box office wise he can never go back to previous decade


I will be so proud if Salman gets 3 rd rank in the 2020s too like last decade

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The last thing salman fans want right now why just why

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Imagine the negativity too on social media. SK romancing a much younger Alia.


Yeah as if the negativity around him wasn't enough he decides to do this

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All set to love the movie.

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