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+6 votes
in Upcoming Releases by Location Scout (4.9k points)
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30cr weekend?


naah 45+


Personally i liked the trailer.Its a offbeat movie as expected and rely mainly on wom.HR did fab jab but diction and body language was though good but could have been better.
Overall Now all depends on smart direction because this type of movie requires good direction to balance reality with entertainment quotient.

17 Answers

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Excellent Trailers. Bhojpuri Lovers stay away please.

by Second Unit Director (78.2k points)
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*excellent trailer not trailers plus hrithik is speaking in a bhojpuri slang lol


Do watch anand kumar in his interview. He talks like that.


I know that is what i am saying look at your comment unnecessary bhojpuri lovers stay away when hrithik himself is playing a bhojpuri guy


Bihari guy to be precise

+4 votes

This forum is full of hrithik haters and commercial movie lovers.users have to umderstand the movie is not a commercial movie. It is just on the lines of toilet padman kind of story...
Anyways the trailer is fantastic.
No matter what the film. Will be a HIT...
Mark my words..

by Location Manager (5.3k points)
+4 votes

i liked it.. might see it

by Unit Manager (35.7k points)
+3 votes

They should rename it as Jannat 3 .
Too much sensationalism in screenplay
English song doesn't fit
I am sceptical about Hritik's dialect . But I can see his effort . He looks a totally different character.
I like the film's message of equal opportunity for all
This might turn out to be a good film but not great .

by Art Director (2.9k points)

Dialect and acting is good, movie itself is a sham.


It's little low on aesthetics but I feel that they took a not so commercial subject and provided it a very commercial treatment ..the film can still be entertaining but not aesthetic which I was expecting .


@charlie Do watch anand kumar interviews. Anand Kumar doesn't speak bhujpuri. His accent is same like the film. Anand kumar talks like that. So hrithik just obliged.

+2 votes

Excellent trailer hope this crosses the 100cr barrier.
Splendid performance by Hrithik.

by Assistant Director (40.6k points)
+2 votes

Lived the trailer. That last dialogue is lit, "Wahi Raja Banega Jo Hakdaar Ho". Hrithik is back with a bang. Can be a big hit. Eagerly waiting!!

by Star (154k points)
+2 votes

All I can say is that Hrithik Roshan will return with a bang after a long time. Some may feel that he hasn't got the accent right but I think he's hit the bullseye. His dialogue delivery and commanding voice is excellent which is why it will be performance oriented. He's versatile enough to get into the skin of the character and do it with perfection.

I feel the content will be genuine and I don't see any reason why this film can't cross 90 or 100cr. Word of mouth will depend on it but I'm certain that will be Hrithik's big break with a Hit.

by Production Accountant (22.4k points)

even irfan khan didnt get it right exactly in paan singh tomar as i belong to that region i can tell

+1 vote

Seriously I Am Fan Of Hrithik But This Trailer Is A Bad Trailer............ Nothing In The Trailer...... Looks Like 50 Cr Lifetime Is A Huge Task For This Film. I Suggest Hrithik Please Do Action Movies Which Is More Suitable For You........

by Unit Manager (32k points)

what is this sick mentality ... 50 cr lifetime ? what if the movie is actually good ! saare stars agar box office box office karte rehte to kbhi tzp , lagaan , swades jaise movies nahi banti you better watch those c graded movies and sequels which salman makes


Creepy, you cannot compare this trailer so early to those iconic movies. Recent years movies like BB, Dangal etc have worked so well with a mix of content and entertainment. This isnt the stuff HR needs at all.

+1 vote

I feel bad for Hrithik, He Is Wasting His Talent And Stardom, Hope HR Vs Tiger And Krish 4 Become Blockbusters And He Touches 10 Hits Mark As Well This Film Doesn't Looks Like Clean Hit!

by Assistant Director (44.9k points)

an aamir admirer should not say this atleast

+1 vote

kangana will again make fun of hrithik as this one is unlikely to cross manikarnika.

by Production Accountant (29.9k points)

jealous soul. FO my friend


Who's Kangana btw? A low life troller who herself is a joke.

+1 vote

Another 8cr opening on its ways. Definitely he should be casted in Dhoom 4 so that he can atleast 20cr opener.He needs it more then SRK.

by Director (133k points)

Thanks for accepting that you are not a true Hr fan like @Intense ...


lol i like hrithik and aamir and srk and ranbir too but yaa dont fit into a definition of ur fan perse


8cr on its way guy predicted 30cr sure shot big commercial movie on xmas ended on 18cr.. if dhoom require huge star of its time then hw come srk fit ther in dhoom nw.. this kid didnt grow yet after series of embrassement... khud ki halat patichar jaisi hai aur chale dusro ko nicha dikane..


autowaalo ki toli

+1 vote

OK, i did not expected this.
I thought this was supposed to be a movie depicted in realism & you know, like normal movies of this genre. Last thing i expected was imaginary Iron Man like holograms here.

Also it started as a movie where HR seemed like Emraan Hashmi's many characters who makes money of others, literally it started like that.

This is not the trailer for realistic Biopic type movie, English background song, Holographic visuals, techno savy bgm, trying to be comedic & stylish and war between students & goons.

Based on true story? I think not, lol.

by Mega Star (216k points)

I think its still more realiatic than breaking stars by ur fingers..


@playboy kya firki le raha hain. Yu bhi tubelight ya Racr 3 ko defend nehi kar sakta


Greek ??


GG, koi bhi fan apne star ki bekaar movie defend nahi kar sakta. We can't defend mjo, Salman fans can't defend race 3 and Tb, SRK fans have a long list of movies btw which cant be defended.

+1 vote

....greek god is back n how.....super 30 is here 2 make a point.....simplyy astoundingg.....

by Production Accountant (27.4k points)

Kabir/Salmaniac/Brahmastra/agar tum saath ho....what's next then?


.....why shud i tell u?.....


I can find out by myself. Not to worry. Knowing what you are, a ban is coming soon.


....u can tryy ur best.....old friend.....

+1 vote

I dont see much difference between this and dangal.... Check it.... The difference in perception.... Dangal targeted 400cr... And this one will be targeting 100cr..... Incredible historic breathtaking earth shaking and ground breaking goodwill aamir khan has among audience....

Lal singh chadha will be targeting 500cr?

by Star (158k points)
+1 vote

The trailer delivered the message it intended to.
Hrithik's dedication and passion for the role is clearly visible.

Accent could have been better but that's not much of an issue.
High hopes pinned on !!

BTW, there's a certain rise in Bihari language experts on Social media. They don't even know that there's nothing called Bihari language. There are several spoken languages in Bihar like Bhojpuri, Bagheli, Magahi, Maithilli etc. Anand Kumar's Mother tongue is Magahi.

by Star (151k points)
+1 vote

Super...Liked it.

Hrithik looks new....storyline has good potential.I hope movie is as good as trailer.

But why Nasa Btw when we have ISRO ?!.

by Assistant Director (57.5k points)
0 votes

Come out on Netflix with this. Ain't fit for a theater release. 50cr Ltd on the cards. I knew it 6 months back itself.

by Star (150k points)

lol i joined with venkat name and asked zin to change it


Let's not get there mate. There are other names too, we shall discuss them some other time.


hahahaha u meanwhile go and butter some fanbase


Cool. Will do. Kindly suggest kisko butter karun?

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