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Good that the matter resolved in a good way.

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Clearly Publicity Stunt Because Akshay Kumar Required These Type Of Stunts For A Hit Movie.

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Yes Paying Chillars For Akshay and no one ready to buy his movie on 100 cr price.


Chillars really he is highest earning Bollywood actor and it's better to sell your films on reasonable prices according to it's genre rather than selling the films for 120 crs and recover 50-60 crs from theariticals on big festivals .


Box Office Wise He Is Chillars.... And Stardom Measure Only How Much A Actor Taken For A Single Movie. And Akshay Is 4th In That List. And Box Office Wise 150 Cr Star ...........


Even if he is 4 th then be why he need such cheap publicity because niether he giving flops nor short of work and 45crs per movie and around 300 cr per year is chillars wah Bhai ambani.

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wow...this guy is suffering from priyanka chopra syndrome....... talk about a drama queen....im concerned about his future well being....
he might die some day due to lack of attention.

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lol its salman who is constantly blabbering about priyanka , priyanka to bhaav bhi nahi de rahi


wow thats a rarity .... found a priyanka chopra fan..... you are a unicorn ...creep....
reason why your name is creepy goes to show why you are a priyanka chopra fan.

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Wow. Yeh to drama king nikla.

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This Guy Is Big Dramebaaz LMAO

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All the happenings so far can be a plot for a Blockbuster movie

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All due to Akshay Sir. What a great human being he is

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