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Cricket and Bollywood have always strike a chord with each other. We have seen the charismatic connection in terms of various celebrities from both worlds tying the knot, like Virat Kohli – Anushka Sharma, Yuvraj Singh – Hazel Keech, and then we have celebrities who own IPL teams, like Shah Rukh Khan & Preity Zinta.

Well, this story is a little different. It’s about Mohammad Kaif whose parents preferred watching Devdas in theatres over witnessing their kid batting live during the renowned Natwest Final of 2002. Here’s what happened.

The incident took place during the Natwest Final of 2002, where England had challenged India with a target of 326. Things weren’t working in favour while India was batting and once the legend Sachin Tendulkar departed from the field, the viewers lost all hopes and so did his parents despite knowing their son was in the lineup.


Kaif recalls it all in a conversation with Gaurav Kapur on his popular show, Breakfast With Champions, as he shared, “Once Sachin Tendulkar departed, it was assumed that India would lose the match. After his dismissal, everyone thought India would never win. In fact, my parents left home and went to watch a movie”

Further when asked about which movie, he stated, “My parents went to watch Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Devdas which was running in a theatre near my house. They didn’t watch their son bat live”.

However, destiny had something else written for Kaif as he scored 87 (unbeaten) and maintained a partnership of 121 runs with Yuvraj Singh, who hit 63 runs.

Natwest Final of 2002 remains one remarkable memory for the cricketer but we can’t miss out on the fact that Bollywood is unmissable and that’s what happened in his parent’s case!


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srk in and as devdas was excellent wat a faboulous movie it was

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Haha. Not a good act by the parents. Anyways they got best entertainment.

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