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Sometime back, Shah Rukh Khan requested film critics to stop reviewing the films with the star system. Suggesting that it’s a film and not a hotel, SRK said to not let it get replaced by consumer service.

Shah Rukh Khan said, “We as a film fraternity have to be truer to ourselves, to the stories we set out to tell. So I request all my critic’s friends here, please don’t be like us Bollywood film stars, and get carried away by what Bollywood succumbed to many years ago – the star system. The star system cannot be the only way of summing up films by our critics. 3 stars, 3.5 stars, 3 and a quarter stars, 5 stars….It’s a film, not a hotel for God sake. With critics sprouting all over, film critic is becoming an endangered species. Please let it not get replaced by consumer service…”

Now during an interview with Zoom, Ajay Devgn was asked to share his opinion on the thoughts of SRK regarding the star system.

Ajay who is promoting his upcoming film De De Pyaar De said that his take doesn’t matter and it won’t change anything. He said, “Oh it doesn’t matter what my take is. Is it going to change? ” Further he laughingly said, “You assure me whatever my take is you will change accordingly.”

Rakulpreet who was also a part of the interview joined and said that if it’s a good film, people come and watch. She added that people have a mind of their own and there are some films which were not reviewed well but still did good business. Ajay quickly gave the example of his last release Total Dhamaal here.

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Yeah somewhat agree. All these armchair critics sit and proclaim intellectual cinema as the best and rate it 5 stars. But commerical cinema which is seen by majority gets only 1 or 2 stars from them.

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Critics are relatively harsher on Salman Khan's commercial films than with say those of other stars but it doesn't matter.
For me the best actor is one who is comfortable with all genres relevant with changing times.Salman can survive and will continue to be here unlike the more accomplished ones.

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