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+3 votes
The teaser has beem received well and the trailer better and a song from trailer seeming to be good one and the promos and tempo going good for the movie, how could the movie open at boxoffice??
in BOI Update by Executive Producer (65.2k points)
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Yes every chance of a success this time but just to remind bgmc also had a good trailer with a catchy songs but the content fell flat.

by Star (140k points)
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Yeah BGMC had a decent trailer and decent songs but tne promotions fell flat and almost died towards the release.. also postponing the rlease date too hampered.. still ot was the movie especially the screenplay and first half that let the movie completely down.. and the buzz and hype is nowhere close to Kabir Singh.. i see a lot of unanimously positive response and so much craze already.. still nothing is guaranteed and am nervous already..


Yeah uncertainty is a big part of showbiz. No one will ever understand why atrocities like baaghi2 and Judwaa 2 worked. No one knows why sometimes good movies dont work. Luck plays a big part. But I too agree, this looks Shahid's best chance


Yeah the way tjss industry works, nothing is certain.. and this is now or never for Shahid as this is the best of best possible project to break the shackles.. fingers crossed..

+3 votes

genre will make it tough to get big numbers but can be a small success for him

by Location Manager (5.8k points)
+3 votes

yaa he can hit it big this time

by Art Director (2.6k points)

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