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+2 votes
Bharat (14 votes, 67%)
HrvTiger (7 votes, 33%)
Tanhaji (0 votes)
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in BOI Update by Camera Operator (10.4k points)
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Well padmaavat did 30M, so i thought that Tanhanji will be a well made period drama so it has a shot at $20m+.

7 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer

I don't think any of them will cross 20m.

Also, Tanhaji has been delayed to next year.

by Assistant Director (52.9k points)
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+2 votes

Actually Bharat is the only movie this year that has any chances to cross 20M barrier,HR vs Tiger 50-50 though in India it will be huge and Taanaji are you joking?

by Unit Manager (39.2k points)

Don't underestimate Hrithik and Masala.

+2 votes

Bharat is gonna do that..

by Executive Producer (66.2k points)
+1 vote

Tanaaji well, dont know what it's doing there. I go for Bharat since HR vs tiger will be a massive disappointment.

by Star (148k points)

Yaar, HRvTiger should have been released on Xmas. The result would have been more glorious.


Suraj, its never a question of should have. EDX releases go to the big guns, which at the moment are only Salman and Aamir. SRK has also dropped out of that list. HR has had a bad run since 2016, hence Xmas was never going to be an option. He needs a few successes to stake a claim to these dates again.


U r just being too negative about hrithik.. We know his run at boxoffice was not great in last 2 movies.. But those were not dismal performances.. U cant compare these failures with akkis joker, tasveer, salmans marigold, yuvraaj and many.. If hrithik goes down to such low levels then yes we can rule out..
But thats not the case with him.
Are producers idiots that they invest 150-160 cr on hrithik if they have doubt on his star power??
Its just a matter of time. When salman from 20lakh footfall can give 1 cr-2 cr footfall film.. Then hrithik can easily do.. Just chill


Hrithikian, the likes of akshay and Salman had a plan to do it, HR doesnt. He's not seen anywhere and gives the impression he doesnt even exist. I am pretty sceptical about both these movies, I will holy to be proven wrong.

0 votes

no movie will cross this since brahmastra has shifted now

by Location Manager (6.5k points)


method acting at its finest thanks for this gem


Who's better at method acting in your humble opinion? Dilip Kumar or Ranbir Kapoor?


just wanted to see your reaction on anything related to ranbir. I know his limitations but he is not as bad too as you guys think he is

0 votes

none of them.may be inshallah next year,if well made else lal singh chadda is there.

by Production Accountant (29.8k points)
0 votes

What kind of question is this ?
Tanhaji really ....are you joking ?
Only BHARAT has slight chances but also that will be very difficult.

by Set Decorator (1.3k points)

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