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Rohit Shetty has interwoven the world of Singham, Simmba and his upcoming film Sooryavanshi – creating his own “cop universe” in Bollywood. But the filmmaker says the decision to merge together the popular films was not an easy one.

“I can’t claim that I am making India’s superheroes. But we are creating our own universe and I am happy that people are loving it and they know about this universe,” Rohit told IANS.

“When I started with Simmba, when we were scripting for the film and we thought about the universe getting merged, I was a bit scared. Whether people will (like it)… Suddenly they should not feel ‘what is happening’,” he added.

Apart from being laced with the star power of Ranveer Singh and the charm of Sara Ali Khan, “Simmba” was lauded for bringing the world of Rohit’s franchises together effortlessly.

Whether it was putting the cast of his Golmaal together in the electrifying Aankh maarey with a potential hint about another film in the franchise, or Ajay Devgn coming to the rescue of Simmba in his Singham avatar, or the introduction of Akshay as Sooryavanshi in the end – Simmba entertained fans for its crossover action drama.

Rohit is happy that the risk paid off well.

“I am happy that it was so-well received. It gave us the confidence and we had taken a bigger risk when we announced ‘Sooryavanshi’ and introduced the character in ‘Simmba’.

“It was a big risk and I was scared and nervous about the first weekend reaction to ‘Simmba’. In the first day only, it was so well-received. It gave us confidence and a responsibility that ‘Okay, we can continue with this universe and expand it’.”

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His idea is unique of having Ajay Devgn & Akshay Kumar in cameo appearances in Simmba and now using Ajay (Again) and Ranveer Singh in Sooryavanshi which is what you call a build-up leading to this crossover. So I think his storytelling is good but he will be taking a bigger risk when he brings those three in one movie which will be huge and no doubt a Blockbuster.

I just hope he does Singham 3 because it wouldn't be fair to keep using Ajay in a cameo appearance unless the story is linked to the sequel itself. Man, I just want Ajay in a solo movie with mass action because we ADians have also been demanding this film for a long time.

by Production Accountant (26.8k points)
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“Scripting” Simbba??

Dumb moron of a director he is. It’s more of a remake cinematic universe.

Golmaal and CE are the only good original works he’s made. If he’s thinking he’s the new number 1 director in town, he will be shown the harsh reality very soon.

by Unit Manager (36.3k points)

Scripting simbaa ffs he destroyed temper i swear if puri jagnaath aur NTR ever watch simbaa they will cry
Ranveer's acting was so shit and over the top not even 1% of jr ntr's terrific carrer turning performance


i didnt even bother to watch it. I had seen NTR's Temper and I knew "Remake Shetty" would turn this into a crap.


Great decision never watch it either bro never

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SSS will be the biggest crossover of Bollywood, it will bring some serious mayhem at the box office.

by Assistant Director (46k points)