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Student Of The Year got hit on Sunday due to IPL final which turned out to be a tight match and cinemas in Delhi remaining shut till the evening due to elections. The film will have a drop in collections of around 10% and collect in the 12-12.50 crore nett range. This will take the film to around 37.50 crore nett for the first three days but with everything being normal it would have done around 40 crore nett.



The other releases have also been hit on Sunday but they are holdovers and most of the business has been done and if Sunday growth does not come then it does not really matter while its a different story for this film. Student of The Year 2 will have to cover this 2-3 crore loss over the weekdays but it remains to seen whether it can as the Saturday trend was not bad but it was not good either.



There are areas like Gujarat and Eastern India which have shown growth on Sunday but most other pasts have been affected one way or the other.

What will happen during WC
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It was not hit due to IPL, it was hit coz of KJos old formula. It was hit coz of the same old routine and same non-acting duds. Tiger had to be used differently... Don't watch this movie and don't support KJo next coz he is becoming shittier, his choices are being too random. The man who gave KKHH and MNIK is giving shits to us. Sairaat ko kaise bigaaddiya usne!

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Tiger and kjo well and truly exposed here.

Going by TV's logic, no one cares about the world cup. People are waiting for next IPL.

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yes coz IPL is a short- 20 cricket that finishes in 3 hours max; and we have all our current heroes there. World cup is about countried, don't know. Haven't watched any except India-Pakistand finals or matches!

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