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in Non-Bollywood by

I'm sure that Sahoo isn't a 300cr budget movie.

And yes telugu movies have 300cr market, full potential actually bigger than that.BB2 has proved that Telugu ver alone could get that mark.But BB2 is event film which comes once in a blue moon.

A Mega Blockbuster film (ex Rajamouli) will get 175cr+ share in Telugu with Good Release and promotion 35-45cr+ from Tamil & mallu.
Another 50cr from Hindi.

Overall a 270cr Share or 400cr Nett movie isn't beyond the range as of now...For Non Rajamouli telugu makers.

U just need correct content casting & making for that.

5 Answers

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  1. Because they are making Hindi, Telugu and Tamil films. Telugu alone can't cover ₹300cr.
  2. There is no pan-India star in India. Khans are closest to that thing but even Khans don't sell in South to qualify as a Star.
by Super-star (172k points)

but how much can it earn in tamil n hindi


Depend on WoM. That said, Prabhas can become biggest star India ever saw if he deliver with his next 3-4 films but for that he need to do more films and come out in North India. Baahubali 2 has set platform for him, I consider him bigger star than Tiger Shroff etc


but now he isnt in top 4 in telugu how can he be biggest pan india


@CJ, Sahoo release date??

+2 votes

Well it's Telugu and Tamil versions total itself will be 300+ cr. I also expect Sahoo to do well in Hindi version. And Yes Prabhas is a huge star all over India.

by Star (153k points)
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Rajamouli has to be credited to take telugu industry to a newer level.. Tamil movies always had market in telugu, and karnataka.
ex:robot was all time grosser in ap/nizam..shivaji and other rajini movies almost compete with mid level telugu hero movies.. Even surya, shankar movies do huge busines..
. But telugu movies didnt have market in tamil before maghadeera and eega(makkhi) movie.. After makhi came baahubali which took telugu movie to new high and baahubali2 took it to huge level..
So now telugu and tamil industry is working to gether for big budget movies ..and in karnataka anyways there are many telugu and tamil ppl so collections will come..
Makers of saaho belive that movie can collect 150cr nett in telugu, 80cr in tamil and 50-60cr in kanrnataka and kerala combined.. Which takes total to 320cr nett.. And as prabhas has become famous in hindi markets, they think that 150cr is gettable.. So total would be 450-470cr nett which is huge...this is why they are investing 300 cr on saahoo..

by Location Manager (5k points)
0 votes

There is No PAN india Star Right Now...

by Camera Operator (8.5k points)
0 votes

like Saaho, does that mean Saaho already released? yes Bahubali you talked about. edit your question first. Like Shaho...

Shaho will make 300 crores, yes I agree, that's not a "like I say now"; that's a for granted future.

Regarding stardom, no ants can be as big as elephants and Khans are the only pan-india stars till date. Rest are strugglers.

Prabhas is my sweatheart, he is a star for me, and I am sure Hindi Saaho will win any Salman's movies collections any year it releases coz they from south focus on content unlike Bollywood, or they go full-on-masala which Bollywood copies or they do something that makes us say WOW. Saaho will be a WOW movie like Avengers Endgame.

by Camera Operator (8.7k points)

Bringing salman unnecessarily if sahoo will get past any salman starrer than think about what it will do with srk starrers

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