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in Cinematic Discussion by Production Designer (12.9k points)
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@Santosh may be in Nepal, but not in India ...


In Nepal its sure shot..endgame will be thrashed left right and centre

14 Answers

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Yes definitely. If Bharat releases on pre-eid then it has chances of beating Endgame and topping 55cr mark.

And if on Eid holiday, then 70cr.

And if cricket match wasn't happening, then 80cr.

But still, 55cr is worst case scenario.

by Assistant Director (52.9k points)
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Dont know what but I will say, because of you many other sensible Salman fans will get trolled unnecessarily.

Listen kid, Avengers isnt a movie. It's a event which comes once in a lifetime. 54cr in 2850 screens is unthinkable for anyone this year or next year or beyond that.

by Star (148k points)

"What about 3 times higher price in those 2850screens??"

ATP in Top 4 Multiplexes for Week 1


Week 0 = ₹299.46
Ext-Wk = ₹265.53

EndGame = ₹290.24


Week 0 = ₹270.84
Ext-Wk = ₹241.82

EndGame = ₹273.25


Week 0 = ₹283.83
Ext-Wk = ₹258.85

EndGame = ₹301.51


Week 0 = ₹217.34
Ext-Wk = ₹198.94

EndGame = ₹255.76

So Initial ATP of Endgame & TOH are almost in same range in Inox & pvr. But toh didn't live up to expectations so Ticket price drastically decresed in weekdays so All over ATP of Thugs is lower than Endgame in Extended Week.

Initially, the ATP of Endgame is ₹18-38 Higher than TOH in Carnival & Cinepalis, in Extended week difference is upto ₹42-₹56

Source -


Lol, and the reason why ATP decreased in extended weekend for Thugs was it's shit WOM. Whereas EndGame had similar ATP because of its good WOM.


Screen Don't Matter. Show Matter the most. endgame show count almost similar to 4000 Screen release bollywood movies. and atp of end game is 225 rs. and bolywood movies atp is just 145 rs.


That's cause of SS. take away SS and Bollywood ATP will increase.
But in those 2800 screens ATP is round about similar, EndGame had 3D benefit but that's about it.

I'm taking about initial ATP though, ticket prices after weekend friends on other things too.

+1 vote

53.5 in 2850 screens.
Bharat will release in 5000 screens.
To match that, Bharat would need around 90-95 crs opening and to make it look puny, 125+.
Let's see what happens.

by Mega Star (216k points)

But didn't he just said that "hype is never before seen"? I mean price increase for those movies who have "hype which has been never seen before". So it's not wrong to assume that it'll get huge price hike too because the "hype is never before seen" and if it doesn't then what's the use of "hype that is never before seen"?


Also BOI has been known to invent me theories so not everything they say makes sense.

In this very article they said that Salman Khan's movie gets lots of 10-15% when it didn't have a villain. So you expect me to take this seriously too?


Nope but How could you compare EG with any regular bolly movie?
Biggest franchise+All Superheroes+Scale+11 years build up isn't it unfair
& why you are taking the same average for rest 2150 screens
Didn't you said that 1000-1500 screens among those 5K are dead and can we increase tp insanely in SS.
The more wide we go potential decreases,so how can you expect bharat to do 42cr in rest 2150 screens?


Hey i was just answering the question and what part of "never seen before hype" you don't understand?

+1 vote

The answer to your question in No ..
May be Megastar Ranbir's epic trilogy saga #Brahmastra could do that ...
Till then have some patience ...

by Editor (86.8k points)

@tom what do u mean by our own actor ..
Can u plz elaborate it ..


He's finding another own actor after his first own actor turned out to be a Canadian

But be cautious, he's in affair with a foreign national actress, kahin aisa na ho yeh shaadi ke baad foreign national ban jaye, phir naya own actor dhoondhna padega


@irdwhelp, he wont elaborate. He doesn't have the guts to do so.


all i can say is that Baazigar ki bohat mushkil life hai......just to live with all this hatred, it's tough......really really tough

+1 vote

"NEVER SEEN BEFORE HYPE"? There hardly is hype. Don't expect the impossible because it ain't gonna happen.

by Camera Operator (10.4k points)
+1 vote

Buzz is very low.. if it is pre eid then 30cr if it on eid 50cr.. end game lifetime footfall will be trashed within 7 days if it has wom like sultan that is 2cr footfall in 7 days ...

by Unit Manager (32.3k points)

350cr+ in 7 days are you in your sense


I didnt say anything abt coklection here i said only abt footfall.. n sultan did 2cr footfall in a week isnt?


Footfalls don't matter if it doesn't beat the collection the general public would only understand that they don't understand footfalls and all these things box office wise bharat need to go as high as possible to shut down haters

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Who unblocked this moron block this guy again

by Assistant Director (46.5k points)

Fun fact.

He is Mod.


Shame on this guy @ssk being a mod you are using such words .you should be shacked from being mod


Well dictionary meaning of Moron is "very stupid".
And considering the post you made, SSk just illustrated the fact that, "you are very stupid". Can't sack/ban someone for speaking truth.


Ok go and complain about me go on

0 votes

Just hope for a bumper opening and crossing Prdp.Why compare with others' movies?

by Second Unit Director (73.7k points)

Apne ko End game ko thrash karneko mangta


Why not? But I don't put myself under pressure ,I got disappointment with Prdp once.

0 votes

only ranbir can break this record due to his crazy following in the north

by Location Manager (6.5k points)

Crazy following? I know you dont have any numbers to back up your argument.


not my words but words of boi when yjhd was runnin havoc in the summer of 2013


Lol, BOI? That paid site? Go and pay them money and they can even even write an article saying Jordan Garcia has potential to be the next big thing.

0 votes


endgame opening ko bharat nahi touch kar payega max 35 cr agar 5th june ko aati hai.

by Location Manager (6.4k points)
0 votes

No dude no. Just no. Buzz is low. They messed up the slow motion song release time. They released it right before avengers. And if release on Eid day then good chance for 35 crore

by Second Unit Director (78k points)
0 votes

I thought it was a troll post

To be honest the buzz is pretty low I mean songs not being that great and all. But this is a movie that'll work on WOM.

Anyway a 100+ weekend we will get. And comparisons with Endgame are stupid to say the least. That was a culmination of twenty freaking one movies. You can't top that. The only thing that can top this India will be Three Khans in a Hirani movie.

by Unit Manager (35.6k points)
0 votes

Will it does 100 Cr in weekend...
Ye v sure nhi h....

If movie will have average Content...200 Cr v mushkil h

by Assistant Director (49.5k points)
0 votes

It might beat endgame in jodhpur but all india very difficult.

by Location Scout (4.5k points)

Hahaha ok ranbir fan


Your fvrt star couldn't even cross ranbir movie weekend pe 80cr wale ka fan


@Rowdy & @Santosh stick to box office ...


Hahaha two guys who think i am srk fan yrr kya mja aarha hai aaj

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