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Avengers Endgame still has some work to do to become the biggest of them all which is The Jungle Book which had around 1.92 core footfalls. It is also yet to cross Titanic also which has 1.83 crore footfalls but that should be covered by the end of the week and The Jungle Book should be crossed in week three. The footfalls of Infinity War which were 1.74 crore have been beaten.


By the end of its run the three biggest Hollywood films in India of all time will be Endgame, The Jungle Book and Titanic.
in Cinematic Discussion by Location Manager (6.4k points)
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4 Answers

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Footfall isn't everything my friend. 30-40 years later India will be much developed country, will have probably 40000+ screens (just like China). A film might touch 3cr/4cr ff within a week. Will those ff make those future stars bigger than mighty Amitabh or Salman???

How many movies a star has in top3/top5 grossers of the year+blockbuster count is much better criteria for those rankings. Amitabh and Salman will be top 2 stars in this system too. And more importantly they'll remain the in top2 for next 100 years.

by Unit Manager (39.2k points)

1950s ,60s, 70s ki movie 100 screen per bhi nahi lagti thi fir bhi mother india , samgam , mea jaisi movies ka ff record 50 saal ke baad bhi nahi tuta, ulta ff kum hone lage.

BOI ne bhi es artical main saaf likha hai endgame ka ff jab JB ko paar kar legi wo hollywood ki biggest BB hogi, jo ek se do week main ho jayegi.


Bhai, Wo Daur alag tha. Films phase wise relesed hoti thi.

Initiallly, Film 15-40 circulatory prints ke saath released hoti, phir print count increased hote the, theatre count increase hote the.

Film ka run 12-18 month ka hota tha. Kuch blockbuster films ka run 24 Month tak hoga.

Example of HAHK (1994) -

Initial Print (Week 1) - 29
Maximum Print (few months later) - 521
Number of Theatres, Where it was Screened between 1994-95 : 3332
Source - komal nahta

Number of single screens in india -

1972 - 7798
1980 - 10697
1985 - 12370

State wise screens count -


ab to film achi ho ya nahi 3 days main 50% ff pura ho jata hai per old movies main saalo chalne ke baad 3 cr ya 4 cr ff hota tha.


Tab Entertainment ka koi dusra source nhi tha aur nhi piracy tha.

+3 votes

Where Exactly Did BOI Say Footfalls Is The Only Way To Know The All Time Rankings?

Mai Toh Iss Post Mei Kahin Par Bhi Yeh Padh Nahi Paa Raha Hun

If Thats The Only Way Then Rishi Kapoor Would Have Been Bigger Star Than He Actually Is And Likewise Dev Anand Would Have Been Smaller

Btw As Far As Films Are Concerned Its A Known Fact That Bigger The Verdict, Bigger Hit Is A Film And If Verdict Is Same Then Footfalls Decide Which Film Is Biggest Hit, Well Thats Nothing New Or Surprising!

by Assistant Director (43.8k points)

It Will Be Based On Verdict And If Verdict Is Same Then Film Having Higher Footfalls Will Get Higher Rank

All Time Blockbuster
Super Hit


Absolutely agree with Rancho. Eg - End Game ff are way less than PRDP (apx 30 lakh). Does it mean that PRDP is bigger hit than End Game? Similarly Blockbusters like Rowdy Rathore, Golmal Again, YJHD and latest Simba & Uri stands nowhere near to PRDP in terms of ff.


hollywood ki movies ko bollywood se compare nahi kar sakte.

jab verdict ek ho tab ff se decide hota hai kaun si movie badi bb hai. uper ki saari movies ko boi ne ATBB diya hai.


I'm comparing a mere hit PRDP with blockbusters like Rowdy Rathore, Golmal Again, YJHD and Uri.

+2 votes

Opening Show The Real Stardom after That Anything....
Yes FOOTFALLS also Matter most nahi to aaj SALMAN kii badi HIT TZH hoti...SRK kii CE and AKSHAY kii KESARI...

by Camera Operator (8.5k points)

boi ke anusaar

srk biggest hit ddlj ( biggest ff)

akshay biggest hit mohra (biggest ff)

salman biggest hit hahk (biggest ff)

+2 votes

What is the contribution of a star also be considered as every mega blockbuster is not on stardom

by Location Manager (7.6k points)
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yes , 100% right..........................