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+6 votes
Akshay Kumar is making headlines for all the wrong reasons these days. The actor who has an image of a nationalist icon reportedly has a Canadian passport and therefore is not an Indian citizen.

Akshay Kumar’s contradictory statements had made things confusing. Sometimes he calls it dual citizenship which India doesn’t accept and sometimes he says its an honorary citizenship that Canada has not given him. It clearly showed that Akshay was running out of excuses to defend his Canadian nationality.

The controversy raised when Akshay did not appear to vote in the ongoing Lok Sabha Elections 2019. To put end to all debates, Akshay took to social media to post that he has a Canadian passport.

Here’s his post:

In the same post, he mentioned that he never visited Canada in the last seven years. But now an old article has resurfaced that point his claims is not true. Akshay had gone to Toronto, Canada for the wedding of Vinay Virmani’s sister Tina Virmani in 2014. The actor’s fan club even shared a picture of the star during the sangeet.

From the post, it is evident that the wedding happened in 2014 that means 5 years back and he claimed of not going Canada 7 years back so the claim stands untrue here.

Check out the old post:

Another thing that proves is that Akshay is porting bearded look in the post that was from his film Gabbar is back that came in 2015. Also, the wedding was covered by major publications back then.

We wonder now what Akshay has to say about this new development.
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Abe Teri Aukaad Hai Ki All Time Great Megastar Dilip Kumar Ke Baare Mei Bakwas Kare?

Woh Legend Hai Aur Tu Eak Nalla Aadmi!


Dilip Saab & 3 Khans can still vote in India .. if there are not nationalists then who the guy who gave up his Indian citizenship to get a Canadian one is a patriot..
What a ghatiya logic ....


@Tom cruise keep your sick mentality to yourself. Dilip Kumar is the greatest actor ever in history, it would be better if you keep your stupid opinion about him to yourself.

11 Answers

+4 votes
Best answer

The trolling/criticism is well deserved.
It wasn't just due to his Canadian citizenship but the nationalism show up since 2015,he has reaped enough benefits of current political climate.

by Unit Manager (39.2k points)
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Mind your language @Tom Cruise. If things get out of hand, your this account will be banned as well.

+5 votes

Good To See This Fake Nationalist And Hypocrite Of Highest Order Getting Exposed And Attacked, He Fully Deserves It!

by Assistant Director (43.8k points)

Sacha deshbhakti Jo 5 cr Leta hai SMJ ke ek episode me ansu bahane ke


@sss d
Indian Superstar Aamir Khan refused to release his Dangal in Pak bcs they asked him to chop off Flag Scene but Canadian Deshbhakt sir happily agreed, he cut down Flag Scene & Airlift got green signal in Pak! Now tell us who is sachcha Deshbhakt.


@Ssd brother we have no problem of Akshay or his Citizenship but see how his fans & some bha-kts attacked Khans gave his examples of true patriotism but when in actuals he isn't even a citizen of India ...
See the answer of @Tom cruise he is questioning Khans & Dilip kumar regarding their love towards India & supporting Akshay ...


Pagal Ho Kya SSD?

Satyamev Jayate Ka Producer Khud Aamir Hi Hai Woh Khudse Hi 5 Cr Lega?

Aamir Himself Invests Money Into Research And Making Of Satyamev Jayate Episodes, He Just Takes Profits

Get Over Watsapp University Forwards

Moreover He Saved Water Worth Hundreds Of Crores In Maharashtra Through His Paani Foundation For Which Even BJP Govt Along With Other Parties Highly Praised Him!

+5 votes

Akshay is herpaps the only star whose movie earns more in foreign country (India) than his home country (Canada) ... p

by Editor (86.8k points)
+4 votes

Lol ab sab captain canada ke piche lag gye akshay bhi soch rha hoga ki kaha se kaha modi ka interview liya

by Assistant Director (46.5k points)

Uss interview se jyada Deshbhakt sir ka jhooth ka asar hai ye sab.


Haha jhooth jyada time nhi chlta


Aur sab piche padkar bhi kuch na bigad payenge he will keep doing his work .


Absolutely. Canada Mata Ki Jai.

+3 votes

Thanks Tiger bro for exposing this fake star...........

by Second Unit Director (77.9k points)
+2 votes

Wonder how shameless this Canadian is! Seems to have lost Indian value of Satyam by changing nationality

by Second Unit Director (73.7k points)

From where does Salman's name come up here?


Tauji, ye baat iss sahab ko bhi samjha do jo Salman ko khana serve Kar raha hai !

+1 vote

What a liar he is. Losing all respect for him now as a person. Expose him. Good post Tiger. Such fake nationalism is extremely dangerous for our society.

by Star (148k points)

What likha hai allegedly uske bad bhi kuch log nasamjh bante hain bad me ye news fake nikali thi.


If By Saying Intolerance Is Rising (Which Is A Fact) One Becomes Anti National Then From Supreme Court To BJP Ministers All Are Anti National!


Then how on accepting the citizenship of Canada he became dangerous to society first understand in which context I said that my reply was for the answer of @intense and I never said anyone fake nationalist here but people find his deed of taking of Canadian citizenship dangerous to society which is utter rubbish.


Also nothing has proved against Salman. If allegations make others murderer (as u said earlier) WHF allegations don't make Canadian sir criminal? Dohra maapdand nhi chalega.

+1 vote

Again, as i said, there is no problem with him going to Canada or Africa or Antarctica, but problem is with him preaching nationalism to prior of some other country. And now he's a liar too, what an opportunist.

by Mega Star (216k points)
0 votes

Now... This crazy... matlab ab kisi ki shaadi mein jana bhi bawaal mana jayega???

by Assistant Director (56.8k points)

Ffs read it properly shadi mein jana bawal nhi hai har waqt jhooth bolne bawal hai he has been constantly telling lies


Shadi me jana buri baat nhi hai. Lekin shadi se wapas aake ye kehna ki main shadi me gaya hi nhi buri baat hai.

0 votes

I don't think we should be concerned about these things as long as these celebrities earn money for the country and give employments. Let him be the citizen of any country or let him be a true patriot, he is beneficial to India, not only India, but several other countries. I don't think a genuine guy should even be concerned about these things.

by Camera Operator (8.7k points)

Tiger Sir, Ssk sir, why should they not release a movie in Pakistan? India gets revenues from releasing there...

Sallu is my all-time-favorite, and with his weaknesses which he surpassed, he is ruling. SRK is my idol, he is gone. Aaamir - the one; nobody can have his senses of realism, someone here in forum compared him to a character of Brad Pitt of a movie, as old as he gets, he grows up to be kiddier. They are all Muslims, and they are all Indians. You, we all go against them ans support these anti-nationals like Akki and hence the results.

Zin if this is provoking hide this. We need to learn to admire nationals and need to know what they speak. What Akki spoke is against him and not against our countries.


@dev babu
Don't call me sir, sir bahut shareef saa lagta hai

On serious note, why are you getting so serious man! We are just having fun here. Trolling and fanwars will keep going on social media. If you don't like these things then simply ignore and don't get involved.


Wah, Tiger saab, Dev babu toh kab ka marchuka. Parko ke liye, daru peeke.

ab jab jannat ki baat uthi toh, utha insan... Aitraaz Akkiko hona chahiye, humko nahi...

Kyunki, Tiger abhi zinda hai(2022 tak aajayega)...


Mujhe toh lagta hai minimum 2025 tak zinda hai..

0 votes

I think now onwards mango is ban in Canadian home.. bichare ki mango ne keh leli..

by Unit Manager (32.3k points)

Kya keh ke le li ,akshay Kumar ko Koi Fark nhi padne Wala in liberals se aur ye sb bhi 23rd ke bad gayab ho jayenge, he has 6-7 films in his hand and many producers are in line to cast him and you feel these social media warriors will affect Akshay Kumar than u are in a dream dude, it will benefit him more than hurting him and the people will keep shouting their nonsense but can't achieve even 5%of what Akshay achieve in his life.


@sss d
bhai, bachcha-bachcha knows that these social media negativity has zero effect. Even mainstream media hardly does any harm to stars. Warna Salman Khan kabka khatm ho chuka hota. Pure industry ke liye jitna negativity hota hai usse 10 guna jyada sirf Salman ke liye hota hai. So chill man! Rahi baat hamari, hum toh troll karenge bhaiya, sir ko kuch nuksaan pohchane ke liye nhi hamare kick ke liye.


@tiger ok Bhai to tumhe isme kick milti hai