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Respect for what he's written. This is what I wanted. Toxic mental violence.......go and take a hike Kangana.

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Yeah, it's time for The King to feast upon Kangana & her pathetic little film.

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You anti-feminist how dare you say such thing against megastar kangana just wait and watch how she wins against hollywood with her superstardom


Hahahahahahhaa. Yeassss. She needs a lesson and TLK will thrash her movie badly.

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Good decision both buisness wise and also personally why give kangana what she wants

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I feel HR might threaten legal action. The second last paragraph makes me feel so.


Its good if he does that he should

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Good decision ..
Now what that psudo - feminist will do for publicity .... GOK

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Ab megastar Kangna ki movie ka promotions or publicity kaise hoyegi? SED NEWZ

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just imagine the media outcry if hrithik was harassing her like that
saala mardo ki koi value hi nhi hai kisiko

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This kangana is getting on my nerves now. Can't stand this pathetic lady. This is shame that a lady openly harassing a dignified man from several years but still feminist supporters thinks that kangana is a victim.

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This is India mate. Here in our society, if a woman accuses a man she is bound to be 100% right. Not just HR, many other men have been such victims.

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Itna daroge to kaise kaam chalega

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Still not even half as scared as Sir to acknowledge his citizenship?


Rowdy, nothing below the belt is allowed. As you have been told.

P.S: Sir doesnt even want to admit which country's citizen he is. Nothing worse than that.


Like star like fans I guess... Star kangana ko handle nahi kar pata fans reverse bashing lol. Sidha answer ही hide lol


Nah, troll him, I won't mind. He ran away? Chalo ye bhi bol lo. But no below the belt or offensive comments.

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Shahrukh first harassed Hrithik by clashing his useless film raees. Now kangana is harassing him.

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Far better to avoid the mental patients.

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I really don't appreciate that move rather Hrithik must have fought and won and this bloody ***** must have taught a lesson for life that its a hero oriented industry fake heroines can't withstand and on top of that kabgana must have known her real aukaat at the boxoffce

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From now, hrithik has to only do big event films with good stories.. If he does that, these kind of low class people wont clash..

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