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in Non-Bollywood by Location Scout (4.9k points)
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A flag for this. Dont ask such questions. Most Indians don't like it, they feel pant is a threat to our very own evergreen youth Mahi.


It's really ironic that Thala fans are most badmouthing Pant despite the fact that he not even competing with Thala, infact Pant is competing for 4th or 5th position and Thala is finisher (sort of).


Tb, dont dare to say a word on my thala. He's best captain and finisher. Let him continue till 2023 in peace

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They should remove dhoni and shankar. Both are useless

by Casting Director (18.8k points)
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I still think he should have been there instead of karthik
Although he just showed us why he wasn't picked

by Assistant Director (46.5k points)

well i would have him over each one of them


What we want doesn't matter he isn't in the wc squad thats the truth


hmmm sad

+2 votes

T 20 and worldcup 50-50 is a big difference there. Virat kohli and rohit not performed as per his name in this ipl even rohit not performed good since last 2 ipl but he performed good in intetnational cricket 50-50 matches. So ipl is a different platform.

by Unit Manager (31.5k points)

though he is bit restless but technically very souns and can play all type of cricket he even performed in test cricket, h is one of india s brightest player just look at his shots no slogging just pure cricket shots

+1 vote


Dude Are You In Your Senses
Even If Dhoni Doesnt Performs With His Bat, With Wicketkeeping Skills And Tips That He Gives To The Team Alone He Is Bigger Asset Than Pant

And Not To Forget That Dhoni Is Performing Well With The Bat As Well, Infact Better Than Pant!

by Assistant Director (43.8k points)

Yeah. Plus dhoni is captain too. Without his tips, spinners cant even walk out the field, forget taking wickets.


haan yahi sab bol bol kar hum indians har kisiko jabardasti pedestal pe bitha dete hain , just annoyed how he entered the pitch from pavillion players start thinking they are bigger than the game


Stop talking in air and check stats of Dhoni and Pant this year both in IPL and more importantly at International Level

Dhoni>>>3x Pant Plus Karthik When It Comes to utility and contribution to the team


+1 vote

It's easy mechanics, in order to be selected he needs to do the following.

Step One - When situation is 42 runs needed from 24 bags he needs to take it slowly.

Step 2 - Don't hit any boundaries, you need to be steady, 5-6 runs per over.

Step 3 - Do Not trust your non striker, even if ball is going far, do not run, no matter how many for balls you have to play.

Step 4 - being retain to 25 runs in an over.

Step 5 - now hit 23 runs and although your team hasn't won, your be regarded as great player, you tried, your attempt was praiseworthy.

You see they is Indian mind, we as cricketing fans do not consider finishing early as finishing, only if you needlessly stretch match till last name of last over only then you're called finisher. If you finish the game, you'll be called as finisher, if you can't, your be given compliment that you tried and your fans can blame others about what other players did. So you see, it's easy..!!

by Mega Star (216k points)

One more step. He needs to be humble and have a nice cool smile. The gentler he is, the more Indians like him.


he even don't trust on batsman like bravo...painful to see that against RCB match

0 votes

Dhoni????? You've committed a sin. How can you remove the Indian captain himself? Plus par excellence keeping skills. Add to it, he guides the young kids in the team and is a good influence on them. I fear Indian cricket will go the Sri Lanka way after 14th July 2019 once MSD retires.

by Star (148k points)

ya as if he won wc most overrated player along with afridi


Roman, 100 centuries is bigger than the world cup.


Yaa that's why Sachin termed wc as his biggest achievement.
And Dhoni is more celebrated than Ganguly only due to this fact.


Roman that's all good. Agreed. Let kohli become a captain in the first place na. As of now its MSD. If he decides to retire, kohli might get to lead in the t20 world cup next year. Then we can assess how good or bad he is.

0 votes

karthik should not be in the team.

by Location Manager (6.4k points)

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