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Looks highly unlikely. Songs are not on point. I will be happy with 250.

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In salman’s movies if songs are not good then movies also not good. Example Jai Ho, tubelight and race 3.


Bajrangi bhaijaan songs also not good before the release of the film. Only selfie le le works and here slow motion works. So its not a good thing for you. Its not a masala movies which required good songs its a drama movie.


Bajrangi bhaijaan had excellent songs: bhar do jholi, zindagi kuch toh bata, tu joh mila.
Bharat had a good start with Slow motion but other songs might be average.


Just 2 Songs out till now of bharat and both gonna hit for me and both song is good. Don't worry its open record fig.

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If the content clicks well, absolutely.

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Hope it's the highest grosser of the year and a Blockbuster.
Anything above is highly welcome

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I don't think it will do 400cr. Being released in dubbed versions too with positive wom may beat dangal. There are significant releases in June from other languages at this time which may effect it's chance

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ofcourse have not seen so much hype for a movie since ranbirs sanju

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Such hype happens every year when Salman or aamir come with a movie since they are the reigning box office megastars since 2009.

P.S: Hirani's Sanju. And the statement still holds a little credibility

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gross or nett ? Endgame ko beat karne ke liye super positive word of mouth chahiye.

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400 cr nett means 472 cr gross that means required 3.15 cr footfalls which is easy task for Salman if movie Wom is good.

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No Chance .........

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I am sensing 500 crores this time..The craze for this one is immense..much higher than past months pathetic

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