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+1 vote
trailer ; 41 million views in 17 days with likes to dislikes ratio of 9:1

slow motion ; 45 million views in 13 days with likes to dislikes ratio of 8:1

chashni ; 17 million views in 9 days with a good likes to dislike ratio

all depends upon wom now for respectable total since buzz is average. music album is a let down after average trailer.
in Cinematic Discussion by Production Accountant (29.9k points)
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It'll be the biggest disaster of the decade. Much bigger than even Bombay Velvet. Ab khush ho jao

10 Answers

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Best answer

It's known to all. Let the IPL end this weekend, the buzz will slowly start increasing. This won't be a flop, not less than a semi-hit in any case.

by Camera Operator (8.8k points)
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Thanks for selecting this as best answer. My prediction came right. 200 to 250 crores, semihit to hit; those were my words. I always predicted wrong in case of SRK, but I was almost right on all other stars....

+6 votes

Proud to be a Salman fan
None from Godfather to Dogfather to anyone ,fans, neutrals and haters can remain without his name.
Real megastar

by Second Unit Director (75.2k points)

Dogfather... hahahaha

+5 votes

You seem to be obsessed with salman and bharat

by Assistant Director (47.7k points)
+5 votes

by Editor (87.2k points)
+5 votes

Yeah buzz is below average. From the last update we got, the team is quite concerned with how things are going. They might send you an application anyday to boost their buzz and save the movie.

by Star (150k points)
+5 votes

Attention seeker at it again

by Unit Manager (35.7k points)
+2 votes

Komal nahta ne kya bola hype k liye link dun tujay? Tu ghar ka analyst bna baitha hai ja Aram Kar Bharat sultan,tzh ki tarah bizz kraygi aur tu Nazar b nahi ayega

by Production Accountant (26.3k points)
+1 vote

Low opening, solid legs, blockbuster. Inside reports are damn too solid. Well it's another Blockbuster for salman. Good time continues for Salman fans

by Camera Operator (10.8k points)

Sunne ne mein kitna acha lagta hai, hope your prediction comes true.
I wish for a blockbuster even with low opening, opening doesn't matter


Unfortunately I'm wrong

0 votes

Yeah buzz is not high as other salman movies. Hopefully it is a good movie and crosses 250 crores.

by Editor (88.2k points)
0 votes

Its easily higher than that pathetic endgame

by Production Designer (13.1k points)

Lol. Hogyai beizzati

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