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+3 votes
I am yet to understand what this man is up to. He had an affair with Kangana, he's moved on but she is constantly harassing him.

He needs to be aggressive with his promotions and strategies, and in case Kangana blabbers anything else, slap a case against her. This guy is a powerful man with all the money and support he can get. Why cant he move on beyond his dad's thinking and do it himself ????

It's quite frustrating as a fan to see him getting bullied around by a liar.
in Cinematic Discussion by Star (146k points)
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Yes. The time to sit back is over. Given the current shape Bollywood is in, with barely 3-4 actors who are dependable, it needs an asset like HR to fulfil his potential.

I hope they've done great work on Super 30 so that it turns in to a surprise super-hit a few months before HRvT becomes a Blockbuster.

by Assistant Director (52.2k points)
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+1 vote

He takes everything so easy i wonder if he is at all serious about his career

by Assistant Director (46k points)

Same. And so pissing off to see. Any guy would die to have those looks and talent and here is this bloke wasting it away.


He should be ruling after khans but look where he is and people are calling these new gen jokers as next rulers


Cant be more true. If I had that kind of ability I wouldn't be sitting at home for sure. Extremely lazy

0 votes

Yeah he's going to fight for with for by introducing HRX brand's New fiery collection, clothes made with fiery technology & best materials to keep you looking cool in this fiery heat.

New HRX brand dumbbells 5 KG free on 4 t-shirts and other purchases.
Offer available only for few months, get your collection now.

by Mega Star (215k points)

so mean


What? Wouldn't you want some fiery cool clothes this summer? I mean you can't have body like Hrithik, but you can dress up like him. That's why HRX is there. We all have a Hrithik in us, we just need HRX clothings & gym equipments to bring it out.


Hahahahahahaha, so true. I see the funny side of it.

0 votes

the truth is entire media liberals seculars feminists et al are on women's side without having to know the truth , so no point fighting

by Location Scout (4.6k points)

Bha-kts are supporting her more than liberals and seculars these days due to her open support to Modiji and BJP.

0 votes

He is little bhondu type.. Ye kya fight karega lol.

by Location Scout (4.5k points)

Atleast he is a proud Indian unlike...............

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