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Biggest Star in Hyderabad


Biggest Star Of YEAR : 1984

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I dont understand one thing. If on film lie Sholay is playing for 560 days in one theatre then that means that theater won't be playing any other movie even regional for 560 days ?

Isn't it a loss for the owner as I'am sure Sholay or Don won't be houseful throughout the year.

If the owner would have added one new movie every 3 weeks then he could have got more bucks compared to the % which these films got after 1-2-3-4-5 months or so.

Not just this but its same for DDLJ too or any other longggg running films in one theater.

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DDLJ is the Longest but not in Hyderabad...
Amitabh is the biggest star in south


naye movie main profit sharing kum hota hai aur purane movies main jyada .

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one of the greatest achievement by any megastar. yehi karan tha amitabh 17 saalo tak 1 se 10 position per rahe (1975 se 1991) .

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