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  • Khans Stardom Is Only Limited To North India
  • Prabhas Is Among Top 10 Stars In Bollywood
  • Prabhas Is Among Top 5 Stars In South
  • Prabhas Is Only Pan India Star
  • Yash Has More Pan India Appeal Than Khans
  • Prabhas Is In Position To Dominate In Bollywood
  • Market For Prabhas Films Are Bigger Than Khans
  • Khans Dont Have Pan India Appeal
  • Bollywood Is Conquered By Hollywood
  • Prabhas Has Been In Top 3 In Telugu Film Industry Consistently
  • Khans Market In India Is Weaker Than Hollywood Films
  • North Market Is Conquered By South Films And Hollywood Films
  • Khans Are Not Even Top 5 In India
  • Prabhas Is Biggest Star Of India Followed By Rajinikanth And Hollywood
  • Kamal Hasan Is Not A Star
  • 3 Khans Combined Are Lesser Than Kamal Hasan In Acting
  • Prabhas Is Bigger Star Than Kamal Hasan Has Been
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Nothing but Twitter trash being carried on to the forum by a few ignorant people who dont know the ABC of how Bollywood works. And for some its plain jealously. BB2 can do 500cr or whatever, but what the khans have in terms of BO clout, these guys will never achieve it in their life

5 Answers

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Best answer

#Khans are the only North Indian star now who have stardom down South, they are also stars down South except Rajinikanth no South star right now commands the same status khans enjoy outside their own state (Means whole South market like in Kerala Vijay>khans but whole South except TN khans>Vijay)
#Right now Yes
After BB2 he has generated some curiosity among northies so definitely that will reflect in sahoo's opening, I'm hopeful for a 10cr range opening as of now which most of our stars except for top5 targets.
#No but sahoo could churn out huge money but that has more to do with bb2.

#Khans are the only Pan India star right now, more than numbers it's the belief that a bolly top star rules Indian cinema due to their market size. They are famous in every nook and corner of the country no matter they watch bolly movies or not.

#He Can and he should
#Read answer for no5
#Read answer for no7
#Till now no but the way things are going Holly could dominate bolly in metros and A centers in coming days
#Prabhas was never in top3.
#A khan movie can target 500cr with right content (3.5cr ffs) while the biggest Movie of all time will fail to touch 400/2.5cr ffs
#Not till now and Holly is a bigger threat than South
#Khans are the top3 Superstar of India.
#See 13
#Can't comment that's subjective

by Unit Manager (35.5k points)
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+3 votes

Don't encourage those loggerheaded psychopaths by giving so much importance.

by Unit Manager (39.2k points)
+3 votes

Looks like someone really got your goat ...

Salman and Aamir are the biggest ....sadly bollywood lacks big vision directors ...

by Location Manager (5.1k points)
+2 votes

1) Wrong but Khans don't have numbers in South, no Bollywood movie works in South.

2) Lol

3) I don't know.

4) Lol

5) Too much weed energy.

6) Nope

7) Technically yes, because some South movies can work in North but no North movie will work in South..... But not too cause i don't see him being able to capitalise on that.

8) Lol

9) Nope.....not yet.

10) I don't know.

11) Nope.

12) Nope.....not yet.

13) Lol, no.

14) Yeah, sure, why not, some more weed energy.

15) What?

16) I don't know, SRK & Aamir are terrific actors, Kamal Hasan is terrific actor, Salman..... Well uh, let's move on to next point.

17) Nope.

by Mega Star (215k points)
+1 vote

1) Yes,, Khans Stardom Only Limited To North India
2) Prabhas Was Never a SUPERSTAR even in South
3) No
4) No
5) Hahahah
6) Is This Joke ?
7) No
8) Yes,, Khans Don't Have All India Appeal,, Its Already Cleared by BOI (SRK or SALMAN doesn't Has All Round Popularity Like Amirabh and DHARMENDRA)
9) May Be in Future
10) No
11) Never
12) Yes Since 2010s
13) Only Salman & Aamir Not Srk
14) Rajnikant is Amitabh Of South..
15) Kamal Hassan is a SUPERSTAR
16) Yes Kamal Hassan is Bigger Than Salman But Equal to Srk & Aamir in Acting
17) Prabhas ke piche kyu pade ho yr ???

by Camera Operator (8k points)

Ranbir Has More Girls Fan Following


Kamal equal to SRK and Aamir in acting?? Really??? They arent even close i mean not even half of Kamal Haasan..


Kamal Hassan kii bahut Movies nahi dekha maine prr jo dekha unme se bola...Kamal is Better Actor Than Rajnikant,,Chiranjeevi...


Ok ok.. but he is far far ahead in terms of acting IMO

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